Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tablescape Thursday - Rose Cottage Look

It's Tablescape Thursday!-- that day every dishaholic in blogland comes out of the china closet and plays with their dishes! Then we go to see and admire all the other tablescapes at "Between Naps On The Porch" hosted by the lovely Susan. Susan's blog is "the" place to be to be inspired by pretty, fun and whimsical tablescapes -- but caution - it's highly addictive!

This week's tablescape is all about roses. I'm a June baby and the flower of the month is roses - so for all you other June babies with birthdays coming up - this table's set for you! Here's a picture approaching our rosey table.

A couple of weeks ago I told you about finding this tablecloth at Target -- I didn't get a picture before showing the pretty lace edge. Layered over the Target cloth is a vintage tablecloth I found years ago that looks like it had been stenciled with roses.

My vase is basket shaped and looks victorian to me with the roses on it. I found this at Ross's Department Store in Atlanta back in the Spring -- it's probably a good thing that there is not one near me - that and a Home Goods could probably get me into big trouble!

A closer picture of the vase with my grocery store roses. I don't know if you can see - the outer color of the petals is pink and the inner color is red. My favorite color for roses is pink, but I thought these were very pretty as well.

A close up of the roses.

Here's a close up of the detail at the center of my vintage rose tablecloth. I didn't realize until I was putting this tablescape together how well the blue color of the ribbon on this tablecloth matched the blue in the napkins I found several months ago at Tuesday Morning. Don't you just love it when a theme starts pulling together?

A closer look at the layering of the two tablecloths.

Here's a corner of the table and shows the stenciled look of the vintage cloth.

Now we have a close up picture of a place setting. The "silverware" is from Target -- 99 cents per piece - but I love the vintage look. The first napkin is a paper one. I like to use two napkins - paper for the mouth, cloth for the lap. Probably not totally "proper", but very practical! Now we'll begin our place setting "strip tease".

Next we have our salad plate I found on eBay. I got 6 of these for $2 each.

Here's the back - Gibson china -- they actually have several styles of rose china.

Here are the blue rose covered napkins I got at Tuesday Morning back in the spring.

Last, we have a pink dinner plate that also has a rose motif.

Now I'm calling on all my tablescaping sisters to help me out here. These are crystal glasses, part of a set that belonged to my husbands grandmother. I love these, but have never used them because I believe they are parfait glasses. (we also have some wine glasses, champagne glasses and cordials - some of these, I have used before). Now I have decided, by George, I'm using these glasses one way or another! Do you think that they're ok to use for water or iced tea - or do they just scream "They're parfait glasses you silly woman!" Here's what has emboldened me to use them as drinking glasses ....

I was looking through this lovely tablescaping book by Phyllis Hoffman, editor of "Southern Lady" magazine -- now if anyone would know proper tablesettings, I would think she would be the one.

Here's a picture from her book - I know it's a bit dark - but I think you can barely see some glasses very similar to mine used for pink lemonade (can you see them?) So I ask you -- shall I set the table with these glasses? Or use them as flower vases? Give my an honest answer, not just being "nice" - what do you think?

Here's an overview picture of our tablescape.

And lastly, a view of our tablescape by votive light. I hope you've enjoyed this collection of old and new, vintage and vintage look, heirloom and bargain bin -- all coming together for a rose cottage look on my table. Be sure to wander on over to Susan's blog for more wonderful tablescapes - you'll find one that inspires you to play with your dishes too!

See ya!


  1. What a pretty table! Thank you for June Birthday roses. I have to get my hands on that book it looks wonderful.

  2. Very beautiful Martha and Happy Birthday!!

  3. Hi Martha...you did a lovely job on your tablescape! The tablecloth is beautiful!
    You had a birthday? My goodness! Happy Birthay, Martha! I am beginning to not look forward to mine..or perhaps I am getting more and more relieved to see another one roll around? :)

    I have tagged you to play a little game with us. Grits and Glamour has tagged me and I have tagged 6 of you. The directions are posted on my blog for you! I hope you have fun with it!

    Hugs and a beautiful Tablescape Thursday to you!

  4. Martha, I love the way you layer the table linens. The glasses are very pretty and girl you must use them. I wouldn't even think of saving them for a rainy day. This is lovely.

  5. Hi Dear Martha! Happy Happy Birthday, my sweet friend! Oh, I love your beautifully set table! The tablecloths and that olden one is wonderful. It does look like it's been stenciled! Your roses in that gorgeous vase look so romantic! Now those glasses, I wouldn't care what they were for - I'd use them! I think that make wonderful drinking glasses!
    Oh, those white white fish jugs gurgle, but the other two sets do not! Bummer!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  6. Martha, all the layering is so fabulous. I really love that vintage cloth and those parfait glasses are wonderful. Love all the patterns and the pinks!! Happy TT!

  7. Martha,
    This is just one beautiful rosy table! i love all the layering and those glasses look perfect to me for h20 etc. I really love that soft gorgeous china, I think your a table diva for sure! Cindy

  8. Lovely roses everywhere! Your glasses and rose napkins are so pretty. Beautiful layering...Christine

  9. Lovely rose combination ! So cool how you put it all together ! Love that Target cloth !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  10. Oh what a pretty table! I love the rose theme, with your beautiful dishes and tablecloth. I'm certainly no expert on "proper" table etiquette, but I would think that it's your table -- use the glasses however you like! I think they are beautiful, and I would definitely use them for iced tea... :)

  11. Hi Martha...

    My friend...I love roses and you have beautifully set a table in honor of roses that is absolutely gorgeous!!! Your tablecloths are beautiful...I love the pretty lace on the target cloth and ohhh...love, love, love that pretty stenciled rose tablecloth!!! The roses are so pretty and I love all of the colors! You're right about that pretty blue on the tablecloth matching your gorgeous rose napkins!!! Such pretty place settings...the clear pink plates are so unique...I love those! Your ebay salad plates are beautiful...what a bargain for $2!!!

    I do love your grandmother's glasses! I really do think they're beautiful used as a water or iced tea glass! They're so pretty, I certainly would want to use them as well!!!

    Love your pretty roses...I've seen this variety before and they always intrique me...how they can be pink on one side and red on the other!!! They're gorgeous and the perfect topper for your beautiful rose tablescape!!! By the way...Happy (June) Birthday!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  12. Hi Martha! I love your rosey tablescape! That gorgeous tablecloth is just the perfect star of it all! All of your dishes and glassware add to your rosey theme! I love it! I hope you are having a great week!...Debbie

  13. Pretty pink rose table. All the different petaled flowers...some sweet, some cute, and some down right gorgeous.
    Thanks for stopping by my place today.

    Hope to see ya again real soon.

  14. Well if you're a June girl then Happy Birthday. I love roses and you did a delightful job setting a table of rosy goodness! I love the mix of vintage and new.

  15. Thanks so much for stopping by my post! just means so much...

    Yes!! i think you easily could use those great glasses for anything cool for the summer... or like you suggested a wonderful icecram sundae!

    Lovely post.

  16. Beautiful table. All of the roses and the votives just make it look so romantic! That vintage table cloth is so pretty, and so is the one under it. That basket in the center of the table is perfect with your roses. I think it would be such a shame to just use those gorgeous glasses for dessert glasses. I'd use them for ice tea too! They are stunning. I also LUV your flatware. laurie

  17. I think you did an amazing job on your rose themed table and yes, I love the glasses for water, or lemonade. I have some similar ones that are so fragile that I only use them occasionally as parfait glasses but now I think the lemonade is a great idea for them too. All your finds just worked so well together. Good job. and thanks for your sweet comments on my site too! Happy day to you.

  18. HI! I ahve some glasses that were my Grandmother's as well and they are shaped just like this. I always thought they WERE for iced tea or water!!!! So I vote to USE THEM!!!!!!!! I love your table and the tablecloths are beautiful, well all the linens. I stole your idea of 2 napkins when you mentioned that some time back. I love that idea so the linen ones don't get all stained! Thanks for this lovely table!!! Pinky

  19. Now your gorgeous tablescape is very rosy which would make me very happy to attend your party! Yes, there would be nothing better than some pink lemonade to match your pretty pink roses and those great antique stemware. How lucky you are to have inherited this lovely crystal and then you added to it the great vintage linens.

  20. I love your table and the way you layered the roses, so beautiful!!
    Also, Thank you for stopping by my Blog!