Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wine & Cheese Tablescape

It's that wonderful day again! I look forward to Tablescape Thursday every week to see what everybody's been up to with "playing with their dishes". You all come up with some amazing tables week after week - and Susan told us last week that she can have three tables going at one time! One's enough for me to work on at a time -- but then we knew that Susan was the Queen of Tablescaping!

Come on over and let's have some wine and cheese while we scroll through all the tablesettings over at "Between Naps On The Porch".

I know this turned out a little fuzzy (and we haven't even had a glass of wine yet!) But I wanted you to see the overhang of my grape tablecloth.

There - that's a little better -- a close up of the tablecloth -- you can't see it, but the glass plates are also embossed with grapes and leaves.

Our "off-center" piece is a bowl of hydrangeas and grapes and two fun wine bottle lights I found back in the spring.

I got two of these glass candlesticks from my husband's family and they are HEAVY! They're also exactly like the candlesticks on Meryl Streep's table in the movie "Bridges Of Madison County" -- do you notice things like that too? My daughter laughed at me the other day when we were watching T.V. and I said "I have that tablecloth too!"

I have gathered several wines to choose from - and if wine is not to your taste - I always keep a bottle of sparkling cider or grape juice on hand.

Our wine glasses and grape beverage napkins -- you can just barely see the edge of my cut glass dish that holds crackers. My grandmother often used this for celery sticks.

Help yourself to some assorted fruits and cheeses. This pre-chilled pewter tray keeps them cold for a long time.

A little glass basket holds the toothpicks. My mother used to have one like this, but I honestly don't think this was hers -- I believe I picked it up at an antique store sometime ago.

Let's dim the lights and enjoy the glow.

I fell in love with these bottle lights I found at one of our local antique and thrift stores.

You can see the hole drilled in back and then the bottle was stuffed with white lights.

All dressed up with a green tassel.

This one has a deep red tassel. If you like these bottles, be watching for my upcoming 100th post - one will be part of my celebration giveaway!

I thought I would give you a closer look at the grapes on this little bowl holding the flowers and grapes. Don't you love the wavy edge? And it matches...

the little tray holding our wine bottles.

So pour yourself a glass and grab a plate of goodies and let's head on over to Susan's famous porch to enjoy all those lovely tablescapes!Between Naps On The Porch.

Hope you enjoyed the refreshments.

See ya!


  1. Martha, I love those wine bottle lights. I like the little glass basket that holds toothpicks. The matching vase and tray are so pretty.

  2. Martha, I too love those wine bottle lights!! What a great fun idea, I'll be looking forward to your 100th Post! Hope your enjoying this beautiful Fall weather.

  3. Martha !!!! I love the wine bottles too! Great idea! and your wine and cheese tasting party...Yum... Chilling the pewter! great idea again! Missing Tablescapes....maybe after the Jewelry show I'll have more time , til then I sure had a ball at your party girl! You gave me a good idea for my tables at the show...maybe fill some tall cloches with lights,would reflect off the jewery nicely. thanks for the tip, enjoy the autumn colors, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. Oh I adore this post. The theme of my kitchen is grapes and winery boxes and corks and bottles. This my fave post EVER

  5. Oh I also added you to my blog roll

  6. I would definitely go for the wine. Love the bottle lights. Saw a hanging light fixture once that was made from a wine bottle.

    BTW, I've got some time, my computer is fixed, and I've started looking for papers and embellishments to use on your blog redesign. In fact, I've just spent about an hour drooling over all the stuff on one website.

  7. Oh Martha what a beautiful inviting tablescape. I could just step right up to your table with the awsome bottle lights sparkling and poor myself a glass of my favorite Fetzer Chardonnay.

  8. Great table,Martha! This is one of my favorite meals.

    Love the lighted wine bottles.

  9. Wow, I've been thinking about doing a wine and cheese tablescape myself, probably because I like wine and cheese. :) Anyway, yours is gorgeous! I love the tablecloth and napkins. Those bottle lights are so cool; my SIL bought me one as a gift a couple of years ago.


  10. very cute, i do them with glass blocks for xmas, these are fun too!

  11. Terrific wine-scape! Love the tablecloth and those wine bottles with lights! The candlestick holders are fantastic and yes, I notice things on TV like that too! Great inspiration from your pics as I'm hosting a wine tasting in late November and you've given me ideas!


  12. The fruit plate looks simply wonderful! Beautiful table.
    Dee Dee

  13. Beautiful, Martha! Makes me feel like I am in Italy!...Christine

  14. Martha, this is so pretty. That fruit tray looks delicious, and what a great idea to chill the tray. Love the wine bottle lights, and that bowl you have your flowers and grapes in is gorgeous. Everything coordinates beautifully. laurie

  15. Those wine bottle lights are fantastic. I think I might try having my husband drill a hole in a bottle and make some. I really like the grape/wine theme you have there - the table cloth is just lovely.


  16. Brilliant..the wine bottles! Cheese, fruit, all looks like a party to me. I love the way the tablecloth has grapes on it.
    ♥, Susan

  17. Dear Martha,
    This is a great set-up and I think you did a sweet job setting this table up.
    So glad you have shared and I think I'll have some cheese! Love it.
    You take care,
    d from homehaven

  18. Very pretty! This makes me want to have some fruit and cheese!


  19. Love those bottles. And all that cheese and wine looks just delicious. Beautiful.

  20. Ooooo, I'll take a glass of chardonnay, please? :)
    What a lovely table setting!
    I have so many of the same dishes that you have, Martha. The celery/cracker dish was also my grandmother's. I WISH I had my Mom's glass basket. My brother got that. :(

    You must come see my coffee butler that I purchased for less than $8, after seeing yours!!!!

  21. Hey! Thanks for visiting my site and thanks for the beautiful wine tasting! I love to use things that belonged to my mom, grandmother and numerous wonderful aunts. They are all watching my tablescaping from their perch in Heaven, and using their stuff make me feel like they've come for a visit! Glad you do that, too!

  22. Lovely images and enjoyed the Bridges of Madison County connection, too. Cheers!

  23. Those bottle lights are pretty cool. Everything looks lovely. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  24. Hi Martha...

    Ohhh...what a treat, my friend! I love your beautiful wine's gorgeous, right down to the pretty grape tablecloth!!! Girl, those wine bottle lights are fabulous!!! I've never seen anything like them pretty! Where did you find them at? I love how you hung the pretty tassle from the bottle! Ohhh...and your fabulous grape the pretty compote filled with the flowers and grapes...absolutely gorgeous!!! Well...your table is beautiful and the fresh fruit, cheese, and crackers looks so yummy!!! Thank you so much for sharing your hospitality with us today...sure did enjoy it!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  25. I wish I could climb through my screen and be there. Everything looks so inviting and yummy. Love those bottle lights too. What a great find!


  26. All looks delicious and lovely. And I'm especially loving those light bottles!

  27. What a great table, loved your light bottles.
    I'm sitting here typing abd getting hungry.
    Your napkins and stemware were wonderful. Don't you just love using older serving pieces?
    Thanks for visiting.

  28. This is great! I love a wine and cheese party! And your tablescape is so pretty! I love the vintage and I love the idea of the wine bottle lights! Very creative!
    All the best,

  29. This is lovely, Martha, and it looks so inviting. I love wine and cheese.

    Barb ♥

  30. I sure do love those candle holders they are beautiful and I think the little basket that holds the tooth pics is sooo cute, I will have a glass of white wine please and some of that beautiful cheese, so welcoming, thanks for sharing....Phyllis ps, I took a hint from susan and bought a tripod wowowowo I love it and only 39.00 at best buys, no more hand shaking....yea...

  31. I love it!! and those bottles with the lights are so cooooool! But how did they do it? I mean there is a plug---I guess they attached the plug to the wire?? I love the candle holder--really pretty!

  32. Well, thank you Martha, don't mind if I do...
    It all looks very inviting.
    That little basket for the toothpicks is too cute. I use a tiny cut glass vase to hold mine..I love your wine bottle lamps..did you make them?
    I don't know how I would drill the hole..
    I foresee many broken bottles!!:)

  33. The lit bottles are a fantastic touch~ well done!

  34. I love wine. I love cheese. This tablescape is just perfect for me. How lovely! I also love the wine bottles with lights...that's too cute!