Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas sights from NYC

Last week this time I was in NYC and I thought I would share some of the Christmas decorations that I saw. Some will be quite familiar to you...others are more random.

We didn't have snow, but these snowflakes were so pretty on this building. Especially at night.

No kidding -- these were huge!

Nutcrackers were lined down every column of this building.

A forward look at one nutcracker.

These stars were in the foyer of one of the shopping malls near Central Park.

I loved how they kept changing colors.

This is a close up of the wreath at the top of the stage at Radio City Music Hall. I tried to get a picture of the stage, but it was too dark.

The lobby of Radio City Music.

The famous sign -- The Christmas show was such fun!

Christmas drummers.

These reminded me of sparklers.

The tree at Rockafeller Center with angels and "sparklers".

A closer view of the tree.

This tree was at Chelsea market. All the sparkling ornaments were made of pieces of broken up CD's.

A "waterfall" of lights at Chelsea Market.

This was a pretty wreath at the restaurant where we ate breakfast. I took lots of other pictures of NYC landmarks, but decided to just post the festive pictures of the holiday season. We had a great time! Saw a wonderful show, the revival of "Ragtime" -- ate great food (hotdogs from Gray's Papaya and cupcakes from Crumbs - both voted the "best in NYC") -- saw the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular - and found some neat treasures to bring home. We also visited Ground Zero and Central Park -- truly, there's no city quite like it! Hope you've enjoyed visiting NYC with me and taking the Christmas tour.

See ya!


  1. WOW! These shots are GORGEOUS! I like the changing stars the best. Or the tree at the ice rink. You must've had a wonderful time!
    Thanks for sharing! This was great!

  2. Thank you! One of these days, I'm hoping to see them for real, but for now, your photos are awesome! Love the stars!

  3. What wonderful pictures. I haven't been to New York City since I was in the 6th grade. I would love to go...but, I'm also a bit afraid of it since I would be so lost!


  4. Hi Martha...Wow! Amazing! I'd love to see this one day...especially the tree at Rockafeller Center! Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Happy week!...Debbie

  5. Martha,
    Thanks so much for sharing all the beautiful pictures. I loved the nut crackers. I'm so glad you had good time.

  6. I'm glad you were able to take such a fun trip. All the great pictures made me feel like I got to see the big apple myself! Thanks so much for sharing! Merry Christmas!

  7. NYC is ALWAYS FAB during the holidays!!!

  8. wonder everyone wants to go to NY for Christmas shopping! I've never seen decorations quite like that...they were HUGE! Thanks so much for sharing those, Martha. Think I'll go back for another look...truly amazing!

  9. I can't tell you how much I loved these photos! We keep meaning to take Bandwith to NYC. He will get a kick out of these pictures.

  10. Merry Christmas Martha.... Thanks for stopping in at my blog and signing up for the Christmas Gift Wrap giveaway... Love all the photos of NYC... That is about as close to it as i will ever be..

  11. Morning, Martha. I love New York! But I've never gotten to see it at Christmastime! I loved seeing all your beautiful photos! Merry Christmas, Dear One,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Never been to NYC, although my hubby is from there. All of my girls have gone during the CHRISTmas season & loved it. Never have I seen the pictures like these either. Thanks for sharing them.
    Your tablescape is again one of my favorites. I LOVE the Johnson bro. plates. I'll be on the lookout for those!

  13. It has been so long since I was in NYC during the Christmas season. You are so right - some of the photos (Rockefeller Center & Radio City Music Hall are decorated just like they were 35 years ago-some traditions just shouldn't be changed). Your photos are so great, and it sounds like you had such a wonderful trip. After seeing your post, I really want to go back to NYC! laurie

  14. Oh, one day I want to go to NYC during the Christmas season. I'd love to see the sights in your photos!

  15. NO darned wonder my granddaughter doesn't want to come home anymore. LOL She rushes home from New York but goes right back. I thought she would return home to Southern California when she graduated but...nope...and now I can see why! Hey...we can't compete with that! :)

  16. I grew up in NY and there is absolutely nothing like NYC at Christmas time. I am glad you liked the show and it sounds like you ate at my favorite hot dog place:) It is suppose to snow like crazy there today so I wonder if you will get snow too? We are having buckets of rain.

  17. I didn't get to NYC this December, but I have often in the past. I go on one of those one day bus trips. I've driven in NYC, but I prefer the train or bus. Your pictures convey the decorations of the stores. I have never been to the Chelsey market. I'll have to put that on my must see list. Thanks so much for sharing. At least I can visit via your blog.