Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santas at Nana's

It's Tablescape Thursday! Time to check out all the holiday tablescapes over at "Between Naps On The Porch". Thanks Susan, for all this fun week after week!

This week I decided to tablescape with my four grandgirls in mind. What could be more fun than a breakfast (or lunch) with Santa! Here's a view of our table coming in for a landing from Santa's sleigh.

Approaching the Santascape.(the photos were taken at night - sorry for the poor lighting)

A close look at our Santa centerpiece. The Santa was purchased from Hallmark a few years ago.

An elf to lend Santa a helping hand. This vintage cutie was purchased this year from an antique store at their Holiday Open House.

Santa salt and Santa pepper came from Hallmark several years ago.

These cute felt buckets came from the Target dollar spot. They're the perfect size for tucking in a few goodies from Santa's sack for the girls.

Add a name tag and they become the place cards.

Let's take a closer look at a place setting.

Each one is a little different.

The napkins are from a set of four dish towels purchased at Tuesday Morning for $6.99. The bow napkin rings came from a thrift store for $3.

The dish cloths are the perfect size to tie around the little ones for a bib big enough to protect whatever they're wearing.

They each have a different Santa mug as well. This one came from Target this year.

The others came from Goodwill. I started looking for them back in the summer. I now have a collection of different sizes and colors.

For this table I tried to pick four that were about the same size.

This mug has a vintage look of the mugs we used to have when I was a child. I don't believe it is that old however.

Small bowls of candy canes and peppermint pillows.

And even more candy tucked in each napkin. A child's delight!

Let's "unwrap" each place setting.

Under the napkin and candy is a plain white Gibson/Gollum dish from Big Lots.

These bright placemats came from Tuesday Morning on clearance six for $3.99. And they reverse to blue with white dots.

An overview of Santa looking through his sack of toys. Santa is standing on a cake plate covered with shiny shred that reminds me of icy snow and peppermint pillows.

I'm sure that Santa will find something good for each of the girls....they've been mighty good this year!

After the lunch with the girls our centerpiece Santa and Santa salt and Santa pepper will join all these other Santas. I have 43 in my collection now.

We have a Santa playing bagpipes, Old World Santa, Santa in a sleigh....

...Santa playing the banjo....ready to come down the chimney...

....Santas holding decorations...Santas holding gifts.... Santas....sailing Santas....

...tall Santas....short Santas....

....fat Santas....and even skinny Santas too!

Why don't you grab a cup of hot cocoa and join me over at "Between Naps on The Porch" and we'll check out all the tablescapes this week...full of holiday inspirations! I probably won't be checking in as much this week as usual -- I'm leaving this weekend for a few days in New York. A whole group of us are going from the School system where I work and I'll try to bring back some good pictures to share.

See ya!


  1. Morning, Martha! Oh, this is the cutest table ever! I just love it and I know your grands will too! What a collection of Santas you have! Wow! I'm so impressed. Hope your week is going well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. What an adorable Santa table! I'm sure your grand girls will love it - I know mine would. You're always so prompt, I have to check the calendar to make sure I haven't missed Thursday :-) I'm a world class procrastinator.
    Have a fab day!

  3. Mornin' Martha...

    Girlfriend, this Santa table for your granddaughters is simply adorable! Ohhh...I would just love to see the looks on their faces when they see the pretty table that you set for them!!! Ohhh and all those goodies! I love the cute little red felt goodie buckets...they're so cute! I'll have to check out Target next time I get up to the big city! Hehe! I just love all the bright and festive colors that you very pretty, my friend! Ohhh...and I just adored looking at your Santa collection! Girl, I could just spend all day looking through each and every one of them!!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us today...and also thank you for sharing your beautiful Santa table too!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  4. Martha, this table is just such a delight and so fun. Now your granddaughters would really love everything about this wonderful table. I love the mugs and the different napkins you have used and the bow napkin rings are just perfect for the table. Your collection of Santas is fabulous. What great eye candy. Hope you have a good trip. Hugs, Marty

  5. Martha - this tablescape is just too stinkin' cute! I love how nothing matches, and there are so many surprises! What fun for the girls to sit down to this!
    Great job!
    One of the mugs looks like the ones I had when I was little . . . Man! If only I could get those back! But who knew?
    HAGD! Karen

  6. This is so cute. Any child (of any age) would love to sit at your table. I really love the Santa mugs. Have a safe and fun trip!


  7. What a lovely tablescape you have created for your girls, and what a lot of thought & effort you put into collecting items that would go together so well. I thought I had a lot of Sanats (13) but I'm way out of your league.
    Have a great trip to NYC

  8. What a fun table. I'll bet the granddaughters loved it. Your collection of Santas is amazing! The little bow napkin rings are cute too.

  9. Your table is just tooo cute. I love the napkin rings and you have a great santa collection. Your grands will remember this for years to come. A cleaver ideal using the candy on the plates the way you did. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Totally love your Santa-scape! I collect little Santas also! I love those placemats--they make it all so whimsical! Darling:-)

  11. What a cute tablescape. My favorite are the Santa mugs. Adorable.

  12. Hi Martha!
    Thats a wonderful Santa collection! I also collect the (vintage)Santa mugs. So cute! What a wonderful tablescape! Thansk for paying me a visit at Tales from Bloggeritaville!

  13. OH! WOULD you JUST look at that collection of SANTA'S??! Your tablescape is just darling. Any child would just love such a thing! Lucky little girls, I would say!!
    Martha...I just want to say that you are about one of the nicest women I have ever met! You always say the dearest things to me when you stop by. There is so much I want to do..but weakness is really slowing me down. I promise I will take it easy! :)
    Many hugs!

  14. Hi Martha!

    This table is so adorable! I love all the bright colors. That little elf is just too cute!

  15. Hi Martha, this is just the cutest thing. I can see you had a ball putting it together, I know the girls enjoyed it and the memory will last them a lifetime. I love the little elf.. just too cute..hugs ~lynne~

  16. Oh can I be a little kid again and sit at this table too!? Very sweet. Those grandgirlies are blessed by their grandmother :0)
    You really have a great collection of Santas!

  17. So cute Martha! I know your grandgirls will enjoy this table. Do you think you could make room for me?

  18. This is an adorable table....definitely a child's delight! You did a fantastic job! Hope you have a grand time in NY. Wish I were tagging along. I'll look forward to seeing your photos. ~ Sarah

  19. What a beautiful table and fun too! My kids and I would all love it!

  20. OH I L-O-V-E- IT!!!!! Your grands are going to flip out. I can't believe the Santa mugs from so many different places and they look so perfect together. GREAT job.

  21. Martha...this is just delightful for your grand girls...each mug and napkins and those big ole lollipops just darling my friend...loved this...Many hugs and smiles to you....Gl♥ria

  22. Love your santa table, love the santa collection, so darned cute...The santa cups and lollypops tooo cute..phyllis

  23. Your table is so cute! I love the Santas, the colors, the magic of it all!!

  24. Oh my what cute Santa you have! I love the candy, dishcloth napkins, and colorful table! How fun... a breakfast with Santa!
    Dee Dee

  25. Cute and Whimsy ! You have all the details ! Love that Santa collection !

  26. This is just delightful! Very well done, I'm sure the grandgirls enjoyed Nana's Santas, cute name as well!

    Great Santa collection, love the mugs too!


  27. Martha, this reminds me of the orginal christmas colors and the old time christmas my mother use to have with lollie pops etc. Still on my back most of the day. Can not get into the doctor until Jan. 4th for my back. Waiting for her to call something in again.

  28. That is one of the best Santa collections that I have ever seen! Fantastic!! The table is so cute and the little elf taking it all in.

  29. Hi Martha! What a great Santa table. I love all the goodies you have tucked everywhere! I notice the name tag...Molly Rose. Adorable name. Our daughter's name is Whitney Rose. Just love the sound of Rose! I like what you did with the napkins and the large lollipops. Great idea, and very sweet. I think you should save pictures of your great tablescapes to share with your friends. They are beautiful!

  30. Oh, my gosh, that is the cutest table, Martha! I would love to sit and sip a cup of hot cocoa with you while admiring your fabulous Santa collection.

  31. Martha, this is as cute as can be! Love your table, and look at all your SANTAS! Girl, you have a collection! :-)

    I like the big suckers on the table, and the little Santa mugs and all the colors. Fun and festive!


    Sheila :-)

  32. This is ++Santa cute! Everything is designed to create a magical feeling for children (& adults too!). Love those Santa mugs!


  33. This is absolutely darling!!! (Oh and before I forget I think I will make a cup of cocoa after I post here--all those santa cups are just too tempting. They are so cute and I love the big Santa in the middle of the table. I love your Santa collection---I think that is such a fun thing to have. Oh and the towels are a good idea ;-)

  34. This is so cute! I have been on the lookout for nice plain white dishes!

  35. I was here last night, but couldn't comment!
    I love the the much fun! Lots of color..makes me happy!
    Hope the girls liked it.
    Mine wasn't really for the gkids..they aren't near by, and those VB dishes aren't kid friendly! I usually use pretty plastic for them! I actually got them sets of Lenox Christmas pattern in plastic. It is really pretty, and unbreakable!

  36. Oh this table is just FULL of fun!! My boys would be so excited to sit down to this table, I would too actually, lol. You did an outstanding job.

  37. So cute! I love the lollipops and all the fun colors. My, you have a collection of Santas!

  38. Martha - Your tablescape is delightful. I enjoyed seeing your Santa collection.
    In a previous holiday post I shared my St. Nicholas Collection display:
    Another year I showed my Snowpeople collection:

    Happy Holidays!

  39. How fun! I love it and your grandkids must have loved it.

  40. What an adorable table! I love the way the placemats contrast with all of the red and white and really make the whole table pop. The table looks very professionally done and yet, I can't imagine any little girl who wouldn't love to come for lunch.

    Beautiful job, Martha. One of my favorite tablescapes this week.

  41. What a cute table for your grand-daughters. They are really lucky to have such a special grandma!