Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with the grands.

What would Christmas be without a few last minute changes of plans? We had planned a Christmas Eve lunch with our daughter and family with the tablescape I posted earlier, but my husband's step-mother needed his help on Christmas Eve which required a change from lunch to early dinner. That, in turn, changed our guest list to add one more. That changed my tablesetting because I only had four Christmas ornament plates, four Santa bread plates and four green glasses, but never fear....there were other Christmas dishes, and cloths, and decor to make a quick change.

Here we are at a totally different Christmas Eve tablescape.

Santa salt and Santa pepper came back to the table -- they were on my Breakfast with Santa tablescape earlier in the month. The holly tablecloth is probably the Christmas cloth I've had the longest. I believe it's at least 20 years old.

The centerpiece is simply a faux holly vine with battery candles (since we had little ones at the table) and antique cardinals -- they were found this fall at an antique store for $2 each. I used them on my Virginia tablescape back in the Fall.

These are the same holly dishes (Gibson china) that I used in my Romantic Christmas tablescape. I purchased a set of these years ago at Kmart. When our children were little, we always ate our Christmas breakfast on these. Over the years as our family has grown, I've picked up more plates and now have enough for eight.

On the bread plated I've placed my red cloth napkins that were the same napkins my parents used every Christmas. I found a set of pewter Santa napkin rings last month at one of the local antique stores.

Paper napkins in my glasses from Goodwill that I found back in the Summer. The red placemats came from Target a couple of years ago.

I found these plastic Christmas plates last Summer at Goodwill -- both of the chargers were the same and the smaller plates came in green...

....and in red. I knew they would be perfect for the twins.

Here's an overview of our Christmas dinner table.

A closer look at the center of the table.

Keelyn and Kendall are ready for Christmas Eve supper!

After dinner, we gave everybody their ornaments and new pj's to wear for Christmas Eve -- a tradition that we've done every Christmas since our Children were born.

Daddy helping Keelyn.

The next morning we went to have breakfast with the girls and take a few more gifts.

They certainly have the hang of "unwrapping."

Santa was pretty good this year according to the girls.

Here I am with "Santa Baby" aka Kendall.

The whole clan in their Christmas pjs.

Our Atlanta grandgirls weren't here for Christmas, but we celebrated early with them when they were here for Thanksgiving. Here's Stella surrounded by her gifts.

She was very pleased to get a new camera.

Our little Miss Molly was wondering about all the commotion!

Her biggest delight was tearing the paper and playing with the bows.

Hope all of you had a wonderfully Merry Christmas and will have a safe and Happy New Year!

See ya!


  1. WHAT FUN!! How precious are those little ones? Oh my goodness! They just won my heart. I also adore those Santa napkin rings! GREAT find!! Hope you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS sweet friend.

  2. Martha, it looks like you adapt very well to change. Your table turned out so great, and I'm really loving those pretty napkin rings. The twins look like they've grown a lot since I last saw pictures of them. You have such a beautiful family (and their pj's are all so cute)! Looks like such a fun Christmas. laurie

  3. Hi Martha, Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. You table turned out great even though you had to change things. Your twins are adorable! I spent my first Christmas with my granddaughter and it does make the holiday much more fun. She looks to be about the same age as your twins. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Delores

  4. Dishes and china are all perfect once your loved ones sit at the table. I didn't even use my good stuff this year!

  5. Which all goes to prove that you can't have too many Christmas dishes.

    Your grands are precious, by the way.

  6. OMG what a happy post! Everyone looks like they are just having the best time. Your home is so festive (don't you love how we can change up a table to add one more or take away two in the blink of an eye?)
    Glad you had a wonderful Christmas and now have a safe and Happy New Year!
    Hugs! Karen

  7. Hi Martha~
    What fun to be able to celebrate Christmas (twice) with all your beautiful grands!

    Happy New Year!

  8. Hi Martha! You certainly are a quick change artist! Your table looks lovely! And the grands are all just precious! I love the PJ and ornament tradition...making memories they'll have forever! How fun! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  9. Love, love, love your eclectic table. I'm visiting you from Sherry's blog! And I'm glad I did. I signed up as a follower. And aren't you clever? Beautiful family!

  10. Martha all your grand babies are so cute girl...Oh girl I tell you I love all babies I see in blogland...and you know what the PJ's thing I also have done with my kids since they were little and I still get them for them now plus do Christmas socks and these girls us mine our all grandma's and I still do it ha ha!! Many Blessings to you in 2010 and hope to get to know you better in the coming year my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria