Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wine & Cheese Tablescape

It's that wonderful day again! I look forward to Tablescape Thursday every week to see what everybody's been up to with "playing with their dishes". You all come up with some amazing tables week after week - and Susan told us last week that she can have three tables going at one time! One's enough for me to work on at a time -- but then we knew that Susan was the Queen of Tablescaping!

Come on over and let's have some wine and cheese while we scroll through all the tablesettings over at "Between Naps On The Porch".

I know this turned out a little fuzzy (and we haven't even had a glass of wine yet!) But I wanted you to see the overhang of my grape tablecloth.

There - that's a little better -- a close up of the tablecloth -- you can't see it, but the glass plates are also embossed with grapes and leaves.

Our "off-center" piece is a bowl of hydrangeas and grapes and two fun wine bottle lights I found back in the spring.

I got two of these glass candlesticks from my husband's family and they are HEAVY! They're also exactly like the candlesticks on Meryl Streep's table in the movie "Bridges Of Madison County" -- do you notice things like that too? My daughter laughed at me the other day when we were watching T.V. and I said "I have that tablecloth too!"

I have gathered several wines to choose from - and if wine is not to your taste - I always keep a bottle of sparkling cider or grape juice on hand.

Our wine glasses and grape beverage napkins -- you can just barely see the edge of my cut glass dish that holds crackers. My grandmother often used this for celery sticks.

Help yourself to some assorted fruits and cheeses. This pre-chilled pewter tray keeps them cold for a long time.

A little glass basket holds the toothpicks. My mother used to have one like this, but I honestly don't think this was hers -- I believe I picked it up at an antique store sometime ago.

Let's dim the lights and enjoy the glow.

I fell in love with these bottle lights I found at one of our local antique and thrift stores.

You can see the hole drilled in back and then the bottle was stuffed with white lights.

All dressed up with a green tassel.

This one has a deep red tassel. If you like these bottles, be watching for my upcoming 100th post - one will be part of my celebration giveaway!

I thought I would give you a closer look at the grapes on this little bowl holding the flowers and grapes. Don't you love the wavy edge? And it matches...

the little tray holding our wine bottles.

So pour yourself a glass and grab a plate of goodies and let's head on over to Susan's famous porch to enjoy all those lovely tablescapes!Between Naps On The Porch.

Hope you enjoyed the refreshments.

See ya!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good-Bye Summer Tablescape

You know I love this day! Seeing what everybody brings to the table with their dishes -- I can't wait to see what they have in store this week. I seem to still be stuck in Summer -- I know, the calendar says "FALL", but I honestly think in Virginia, we get our very best Summer weather in September (unless there's a hurricane). September starts out hot and ever so slowly the mornings become a bit crisper and the air a bit less humid -- but still perfect for all the outdoor activities you might want --going to the beach, hiking in the mountains....or joining me for a meal at the outdoor cafe. Isn't it delightful?

Won't you join me for a light meal at our "sidewalk cafe"?

Here's a place set just for you.

Let's sit here under the umbrella and enjoy the view.

A colorful birdhouse attracts a little yellow butterfly.

We wouldn't want to disturb this little bluebird sitting on her nest. Perhaps if we're very quiet she'll serinade us with her cheerful chirping.

Isn't it a perfect day for riding our bikes? You may remember this from a recent treasure hunt at a local antique store.

Do you know what this cafe set was in it's "previous life"?

A bird feeder! Also purchased at a local thrift shop this spring - I couldn't bring myself to use it as a feeder though. It's a bit on the shabby chic side...but that's ok.

I thought it would be a simple meal today. Perhaps a salad, with bread and some wine to drink. Perfect for outdoor dining...don't you think so?

The napkins came from Tuesday Morning, the placemats came from Marshalls, the flatwear came from Target, napkin rings from eBay and the butter pats from an antique store.

My bluebird plates came from eBay -- this one is Homer Laughlin.

This one is a little different and a bit smaller - the only marking on the back is a very faint M.

Would you care for a refill of wine?

Oh my! What's happened to our little bird? Do you suppose she's already started her southern flight?

And what do I see here?

It's happening...isn't it?

You've all been telling me for weeks...

yes...I know...'s time... say...Good-Bye sweet Summer...

I'll see you again next year!

To see lot's of tables filled with inspiration, be sure to visit Susan at "Between Naps On The Porch".. She's always got a place set just for you!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall's slowly creeping into my house.

Well, I've said before -- I'm having difficulty letting go of this summer -- I don't know why - usually Fall is my most favorite season. Slowly bit by bit I'm starting to make the change of season. I've started outside.

My Summer floral mailbox has changed ...

... to Fall pumpkins.

My American flag that's been out all Summer has been changed to....

... the pretty leaves of Fall.

And my basket of wild flowers on the front door has become...

...a wreath of fall leaves and acorns.

I made the dreaded trip into the attic this afternoon to get down some fall decor -- some will be used and some will go to GoodWill -- and this week I'll make it out to the shed to get my last boxes of Autumn (hoping not to encounter any snakes) -- and slowly I'll be letting Fall inside. This year, I'll make a slow transition into the season and enjoy the arrival of Fall - just a bit at a time.

See ya!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It was a "Grand" week!

Just this afternoon I put my dear daughter-in-law and two grandbelles on a plane back home to Atlanta. Goodness the house seems mighty quiet now. It was a wonderful week. Stella got to go with her Aunt Katy to have a fitting for a bridesmaids dress (Stella got to try on some princess dresses too a.k.a - flower girl dresses.) We went to a church picnic - played on the playground - Stella got her first haircut - we visited family and some of the family came to visit us. We went to the library and picked out a week's worth of books to read in Nana's "big bed" every night. We played many games of Chutes and Ladders and drank lot's of chocolate milk! It was a delightful week. We also got the opportunity to take the girls to have their pictures made -- four beautiful grandgirls.

Stella Grace is our oldest grandgirl - she turned 3 in June.

We welcomed her sister Molly Rose also in June.

All four of our beautiful girls -- I got them matching shirts from my friend at "The Butterbean Tent" -- so cute Stella Grace and Molly had pink and green dragonflies with their names on them. Kendall and Keelyn had blue and lavender dragonflies with their names on them. Just darling.

The twins had their first birthday last month -- Here's Kendall in her dress I gave them for their birthday.

And here's her matching "bookend" Keelyn.

On the last day our Georgia girls were here we decided to load everybody up and go to Maymont Park.

Miss Stella Grace in her "chariot".

Kendall and Keelyn are also ready to roll.

Molly Rose decided to nap on her ride.

We saw fish...


everybody's favorite the otters! (upper left corner) looks like we're in the picture as well - or at least our reflections.

otter on the move

and everybody's "back in the pool".

At the farm we saw a donkey...

sheep and goats...

...we smelled the flowers in the butterfly garden...

..saw a rather grumpy looking pig...

...a pretty peacock...

...a fox...

...climbed on a rock...

... tried to find the black bears but they were hiding, so we just posed with the statue.

And just plain wore ourselves out! They'll be back for more fun at Thanksgiving -- can't wait!

See ya!