Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tablescape Thursday - Daffodil Delight!

It's time for all the "dishing" of Tablescape Thursday over at "Between Naps on the Porch". Susan invites us to all play along each week and enjoy the view from table to table across blogland. Thanks Susan!

The inspiration for this week's tablescape is daffodils. They're the flower I'm always the happiest to see start blooming. They remind me of little trumpets announcing, "Spring is here! Spring is here!" After the grey of winter, I find their brightness so uplifting and cheerful. Daffodils are also the birthday flower of March. Several people who are very special to me have March birthdays. We start off on March 6th with my niece Kaci's birthday, then my good friend Jane's is March 8th and March 14th is the special day for my daughter Katy and my sister-in-law Marti. Lot's of special people to celebrate this month.

Of course a Daffodil tablescape would have daffodil dishes! I found four salad plates on eBay for $3.99. Perfect!

Welcome to my daffodil table.

I have a place set just for you!

Since my daffodils are just breaking ground, I purchased several bunches from Kroger this week. I love flowers, but I don't often use them for my centerpieces. I don't really know why. I tend to have more ecletic themed centerpieces. But since this tablescape was all about daffodils....I figured I should have a daffodil arrangement.

No "arrangement" needed with these cheerful flowers...I just love them bunched in a tall vase. Now I know that I've broken the rules by obstructing the view of the other side of the table. I just didn't want to cut the stems down. I would have a much lower arrangement if people were actually sitting here. When I don't have guests coming for dinner, I like to leave my table set up all week for my own enjoyment.

I've set the vase on a framed sheet of scrapbooking paper in springy colors. On one side I've placed my Target birdies.

On the other side I've placed a birds nest of eggs.

I purchased these daffodil colored napkins from Tuesday Morning last week. I believe they were $5.99. Tied them up with some spring green polka dot wired ribbons.

I was able to re-use these same green Goodwill goblets from last week's St. Patrick's tablescape.

An overview of our spring tablescape.

Overview of the daffodils.

Let's take a closer look at the place settings.

I was getting too much glare at the dining table -- so I moved this dish over to my countertop for a better picture. I looked up this pattern and they were manufactured from 1974 to 1976.

The markings on back.

These green glass plates were also used in last week's tablescape.

I found my bamboo flatware last spring at Marshall's and the bamboo placemats were found at Ross's, also last spring.

I usually end up my tablescapes with a candlelit view of the dishes. But for some reason, these dishes seem to be "daytime" dishes to me. Perfect for a March birthday brunch or lunch. Even though, as you can see, I took these pictures at night.

Be sure to check out all the other tablescapes and pretty dishes at "Between Naps on the Porch". You'll find much inspiration for setting a beautiful table and a table that suits your style!

See ya!


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  2. Hi Martha, this is sooooo fresh and pretty. Just a joy to behond.


  3. Soo Preetty!! I just love daffodils!!! Your fresh ones are beautiful. Love the dishes and the flatware and glassware you used with the daffodil plates.

  4. What a festive Spring table! We're like you with March birthday's. My oldest daughter the 11th, my oldest brother the 5th, my mom's would have been the 6th, father in law would hve been the 30th, my nephew's is the 28th, sister in law 28th, son in law the 8th, brother in law the 11th...now let's see...any one I'm forgetting? I CAN'T REMEMBER!!! i'll just have to come visit with you at that cheery table & see if anymore come to mind! LOL!!!

  5. So springy, it is so pretty. Everything just makes the best table~

  6. I LOVE IT! It looks so springtimey. You set the most inviting tables.

  7. What a beautiful tablescape. My Grandmother used to make an angel-food type cake she called a daffodil cake. Your post reminded me of that!

  8. Martha, I just said today "there are 3 daffodils announcing spring in my yard. They are such a joyful flower, and how neat that you found dishes with daffodils. Your tablescape looks so pretty, and you even found "daffodil" colored napkins. Love that polka dot ribbon. laurie

  9. What a lucky ebay find! The yellow and green is so refreshing. I think that daffodils are such a happy flower.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  10. Morning girl....I love the daffodils!!!!! I saw some for the first time the other day as we were headed to town and I bout scared Bill to death as I squealed "Ohhhh Look!! The First Daffodils!!!!!" lol I love seeing them pop up in the early Spring and they look fantastic on the table...everything looks so pretty and fresh and I sooooo love the way you used the pretty polka dot green ribbon on the napkins like that! Thanks for coming by sweetie...I loved my visit here...take care and have a great week! ~Picket~

  11. I love daffodils and you did a beautiful job using them in your tablescape! Your salad plates are just perfect...and what a steal! Don't you love it when you happen upon a great deal? LOL I think you have created a very lovely Spring table.:)

  12. You got a great deal on the plates. I love daffodils and to have matching plates would be such a treat. They really look great with the green dinner plates. This is a happy tablescape...made me smile!

  13. Martha, what a beautiful table setting. Love the daffodils with the green in your setting. So Springy!

  14. Perfect plates for a beautiful spring tablescape. Brightens up my day, especially since it's looking dreary outside.

  15. So pretty Martha! Happy St Patty's day!!
    ~~~ and a beautiful Spring setting you made~~
    love your sweet centerpiece:)

    Thanks for stopping by,
    Kay Ellen

  16. This is such a darling tablescape! I love daffodils and love your dishes and the beautiful floral centerpiece. I also love the napkins and ribbon rings and the bamboo flatware. This just says "Spring!"

  17. Wow, I love it all! Love the plates, can't believe you found those. LOVE the green plates, I need to borrow those, and the glasses too. LOVE how you tied the napkins, and the napkins have that ruffled look. Beautiful table!! No daffodils here yet. Someday!

  18. Love your Table...So Pretty

  19. This is so beautiful! You have great ideas; I never would have thought of using a frame under a centerpiece.
    I also wanted to say I adored your St Pat's table, I didn't get a chance to look at many tablescapes that week, but again, what great ideas. Those big cabbage leaves are so interesting and were perfect for an Irish table!

  20. HI Martha! Love your table. Love the yellow and the green and your centerpiece is just beautiful. I also like how you used the frame under your centerpiece. That was a great idea and just a great look! HOpe your day is wonderful.

  21. Lucky you to find those precious daffodil plates! What a beautiful spring tablescape!

  22. That is so springy and bright. I love the yellow and green together. We won't get daffs for a while so I bought some to remind me Spring is coming.
    I love your table! Very pretty!

  23. Hi, Martha,
    I love your daffodil table. I can't believe you found daffodil dishes. :) I have a bouquet of daffodils in my kitchen right now, and they smell so good.


  24. A beautiful table -- not only daffodils ON the table but daffodils ON the plates! What a great table!

  25. Beautiful table! My mother had a similar plate design from Mikasa when I was growing up in the 70's. Love the daffodils & the green glasses.

  26. Hi, what a great table. I also adore daffodils and have several special people in my life celebrating March birthdays. I love so many elements of your table....you cute and creative centerpiece, your chargers, your cute little polka dot ribbons on your napkins...so sweet. I am sure there is more, and I shall go back for a second look. Happy almost spring. :)

  27. So pretty -- I surely would love to see some daffodils! You have used them on such a delightful table.


  28. Oh what fun to use those daffodil dishes with that great daffodil centerpiece. It all just makes me smile. Love those green charger/plates that you used under them, too. Everything is very nice Martha!!

  29. Hi Martha...

    Oooh...I love your sunny yellow daffodils! You're absolutely right about how perfectly they announce that Spring is here! Love that! Well my friend, I love that darker green that you used...the pretty dark green plates and goblets! They frame out your daffodil salad plates perfectly!!! By the way...I love those pretty plates! Love how you did your centerpiece by adding that sweet little birds nest! A gorgeous table, my friend! Thank you for sharing it with us today!

    Also wanted to thank you for coming by and taking a peek at my Spring Green tablescape and for leaving such a sweet note! Thank you!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  30. Oh, so pretty! I just love daffodyls. You have showcased them very nicely!


  31. Martha, I love those salad plates, are they vintage? I can almost remember seeing something like that pattern many years ago. They are perfect with the green plates and stemware. Your daffies are gorgeous!

  32. Hi Martha,
    So cheerful and inviting! I do the same thing as you when it comes to floral centerpieces ... low for real tables and "up to there" for tablescape posts! The salad plates and green glass chargers are great together! Nicely done!

  33. Martha...those are the cutest daffodil salads...I just love 'em! I like to leave my table set up all week to...so much fun to see and use when friends or family are here. :-) Happy Spring! Your tablescape is perfect to welcome spring!:-)

  34. Your table is screaming....Spring! I am like you too. When I work hard getting a Tablescape together, I like to leave it up for awhile and enjoy. Thanks for sharing!


  35. Oh so pretty, Martha! Your daffodils are gorgeous...Christine