Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tablescape Thursday - Wicked!

It's time to set the table once again for Tablescape Thursday with Susan at "Between Naps On The Porch". And this week I'm feeling just a little.....

Wicked! We went to see the touring production of Wicked this week and it was really fun -- so I set a wicked table this week!

Hope you'll join us at the table....now don't be scared...because now we know that old witch really isn't all that wicked after all!

A table full of black and green.

And here's a place set just for you!

Sitting in the center pretty as you please is sweet Glinda -- formerly known as "Galinda".

She's thinking about how *"Popular" she is!

And who's sitting upon this witches' shoe (well it's no ruby slipper!)...but...

...Elphaba...."who?"....you may have heard her called the "wicked witch of the west". The witches' shoes are salt and pepper shakers from years ago (ABC Distributing)

And watch out for that monkey too....looks like he hasn't gotten his wings....yet.

Our centerpiece is on the same frame as last week (different paper) to go with this weeks theme.

Who's that *"defying gravity"?

I tried to get a closer look but she's a bit blurry (tough to get a good picture of a witch in flight).

Then I almost startled her off her broom with the flash!

I gave up and took a picture of the ornament box -- since these tickets were part of our Christmas gift this year, I got this ornament to remind us of coming attractions.

Here's our green napkin tied up with a black polka dotted wired ribbon. Now if I lived next door to Miss Janice I would have popped over and borrowed her cute witch hat napkin rings she used for Halloween. They would have been perfect! Oh well.

My green goblets....again....I've used them three weeks in a row! They were a wonderful Goodwill find.

Let's take a peek at the dishes...the salad plates and matching green napkins came from Target. I think they're still on display there.

These black dishes were a close out sale at K-Mart. I was wanting some black plates for Halloween...I'm sure I'll be able to find much use for these.

My black cork backed placemats were from Tuesday Morning last year. You've seen them and the shell flatware many times in previous tablescapes.

Here's a view of the table from the broom....

....and we'll swoop closer to see the centerpiece.

Another look at our table before night falls....

...and we'll light the candles.

A not so wicked after all Elphaba....and....

...a not entirely nice Glenda....and if you look very closely....you can see our flying witch circling overhead....maybe they'll be coming in for a landing at your town soon...if so, I hope you'll get a chance to see them!

For lots of friendly tablescapes, be sure to visit "Between Naps on The Porch" this week....perhaps you'll find a tablescape that will transport you to another place and time and see something...unexpected!

See ya!

*musical numbers from "Wicked"


  1. What a wonderfully "Wicked" table Martha!!! Love the centerpiece - great ideas! Love "our" green goblets - you certainly have gotten lots of use out of them!!!

  2. Hi Martha,
    Oh I love your table, you did a great tribute to "Wicked". Love the witches, especially the wicked flying witch. Too cute!!! Great color scheme with your programs...reminds me how much fun I had seeing this production. I think with this table you will be even more "POPULAR" than you already are. :)

  3. What an interesting and unusual table for this time of year. It's lovely as are your colors. The black and green are delightful together. I love it.
    I want to see that play so badly. Waiting for it to come here again.

  4. Martha,
    I really like your table! What a great idea! I LOVED Wicked...we saw is last summer and were BLOWN AWAY with the talent and great songs. I have to admit, Defying Gravity is my favorite! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. What a fun and creative table, I love the candles lit and the cute little witches! Very Creative!

  6. Martha,
    I love the wicked table! So cute! Great idea.

  7. Martha, what a fun idea! Your table looks so pretty in addition to being fun. Love the witches shoes s/p shakers! laurie

  8. This is soooo cute and such an interesting idea! Love the colors and the centerpiece. I most certainly would have loaned you my witches' napkin rings! Too cute Martha:)

  9. Martha, Was Wicked so wonderful? It is on my list of things to do! Your table is just a perfect tribute to this witchy broadway musical. I love the way you combined the green and black. You perfectly ballanced it! Your white witch is so adorable in the middle of your table! And the flying witch is perfect! After all, she is probably looking for that little flying monkey. So well done! I loved it!!!

  10. This is wonderfully Wicked! I love the theme, colors and the witch flying on her broomstick...just too cute!

  11. Hi, your table is fantastic and such fun!! I have not seen Wicked. Your color combinations are great...love it all
    thanks for stopping by the paris house :)

  12. This is just great! You always come up with such unique ideas! Love it!

    I've heard that play is wonderful!


  13. Wow, what a "wicked" tablescape-hee hee! This is so very creative and lots of fun.

    I still haven't seen "Wicked" and now I really want to! I am so glad you enjoyed it.

    Best wishes,

  14. Using the theme from the play was a brilliant idea. It turned out great. It's wonderful that you have all the witch dolls.

  15. What a cute idea for a tablescape. I love those black plates and I've been searching for that flatware to use with a shell/beach tablescape I'm going to be doing. Where did you find them?

    I really like this table. It was so fun.


  16. What a darling idea. And how true we can find inspiration everywhere. Thanks for stopping by to visit us. -- Jane F.

  17. What a creative mind you have! Great table. Never heard of "Wicked", but it looks like it really inspired you! LOL!

  18. How clever and creative, dear Martha!
    It is lovely! Great color combo..pulled together with a lot of details!

  19. What a way fun tablesetting...what did you have to eat? Just so much fun! Joni

  20. What a totally cool idea!! My daughter and I saw wicked a few years ago this would be a fun way to remember it! Great dishes and fun extras! Love the whole tablescape!!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such nice comments.

    Enjoy your day.

  21. What a great idea!! I love the colors, and love how you tied the napkins too!

  22. How clever you are. It's a great theme (I loved the book but haven't seen the play), and you did a fabulous job. Very classy and whimsical at the same time. Makes me want to watch the Wizard of Oz again. Thanks for your help on the labels.

  23. Oooooooo, I am LOVIN' that acid green with the black & white polka-dots! How FUN!

    The little dolls remind me of some that DGD Caroline got from McDonald's one time. She would not take the witch one home & didn't want to even play with it. She was only 3 or 4 yrs. old but she told me "She evil, Nana...I don't wike her!" LOL Too funny!
    I ♥ the whole table!

  24. Hi Martha,
    I love this table ... I had no idea you had such a "Wicked" streak!!! Very creative and so much fun! It's a nice change of pace table, unexpected and really clever.

    You should take a bow! ;)


  25. So unique! I especially love the dolls!

  26. What a wonderfully "Wicked" table! I love the black and green together, and all the extras make it such a special setting! I know your guests were delighted. Thank you for your comment on my first TT post -- I felt very encouraged! I'm sure your grandgirls WILL treasure your treasures one day!

  27. Absolutely darling!!! Your table is perfect for a wonderful "Wicked" evening!!!

  28. Martha! You're so clever! Your table is adorable and look at everything you've used here! It's a perfect Wicked table. We saw Wicked in New York and I just loved it! You've outdone yourself again!
    Thanks for popping in to see our little Carter.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  29. OMG...I loved the Wicked tablescape...I sent the link to my daughter...she loves having theme parties....how absolutely DIVINE!

  30. Wow!! Love this!
    I love Halloween; it is my favorite 'holiday', so I had a lot of fun looking at your great green and black Wicked tablescape!!!!!

  31. Loved Wicked-didn't want it to end.

    What a clever tablescape!

    Thanks for your sweet comments. Good luck with your party.

  32. This is so fun. Love the simple touch of the black ribbon on the green napkin!

  33. What a totally cool table! loved the book...love the table!

  34. I love this! The green is gorgeous! The centerpiece is well put together too!

    Thanks for visiting...and commenting...on my blog. I hope you will come back or follow. I am new to blogging and learning so much, so fast. I will look forward to reading your posts as well.

  35. What a fun and pretty table setting. Very creative - you did good.:)

  36. Very fun and creative. Love the black and green together, great job!

  37. Your table setting is so beautifully put together...I enjoy the black with green!

  38. Wicked! i love your tablescape.

  39. what a beautiful green! I have never seen Wicked but I love the song Defying Gravity, does that count? You do a fabulous job smocking and boy, those daffodil plates are wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my site to see my first try at Table scape.

  40. Great job, love Wicked, your interpretation is wonderful!!



  41. This is so cute, Martha, and so original! I love Wicked and so does my granddaughter. We've only watched it at least 3 or 4 times. Defying gravity, yay!...Christine

  42. First I want to thank you for the kind words for my mom. Things are very slowly improving. She has a long way to go, but she is strong willed and it is a blessing to spend this time with her.

    I love your table. We saw Wicked in St. Louis a couple years ago. I loved it! The music is fabulous and it really changes the entire story doesn't it? This was a great idea for a tablescape!


  43. MARTHA! This is SO IMPRESSIVE! Gorgeous!
    There's nothing more to say - it's perfect!!
    Best regards,