Saturday, July 24, 2010

Churches and religious sites from Greece

Since I already shared a taste of Greece for Foodie Friday, today I thought I would share the more spiritual side of our trip.

While we were staying in Athens we took a tour bus from our hotel to Corinth. This spot is where they would gather to hear politicians and speakers of news of the day. Paul first shared the good news of the gospels here and converted many to Christianity.

More ruins of Corinth.

The Church dedicated to St. Paul.

This beautiful mosiac was outside of one of the Greek Orthodox churches in Athens.

All the islands had small chapels - some were built for the fishermen to pray and give thanks each day -- this one was in Mykonos.

This picture is from the ruins of Ephesus, Turkey. Also where Paul preached and set up a church.

More pictures of the ruins.

Above the entry of the Holy Grotto of the Apocalypse where John wrote Revelations.

Some of the shields within a cross on the Street of the Knights in Rhodes.

Ruins of an early Church in Rhodes.

It was very inspiring to walk the paths of Paul and to see where the earliest Churches were formed I'll be posting more pictures of our trip soon.

See ya!


  1. Wonderful pictures... Thanks for taking us on your trip with you!!! Keep the pics coming, I LOVE them!!! Have FUN...

  2. Martha, Thank you for sharing these pictures.
    What a great trip! The places you must have seen.

    Looking forward to seeing more pictures and hear what you have to say.
    God bless,

  3. Greece is definitely a place that I'd wnt to travel. I loved seeing your pictures.

  4. I have never been to Greece...but I want to go. I have been to Italy....and they favor a bit as far as scenery. Glad you are having a great time. I just got back from Michigan and Mackinac Island..what an awesome place to visit. My next trip is to Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard and Niagra Falls....what great bounty there is right here in the U.S.

  5. Great pictures. We are going to Greece (along with Ephesus and a few other spots) in October. Were you on a cruise? I'll have to go back and look at your food post.

  6. We've always want to travel to Greece...maybe for our 40th anniversary in a couple of years. We're talking about where we want to go (have to start saving early!). Thanks for the pictures! Inspiring!

  7. Oh, am I glad I stopped by. We got to go to Greece and Turkey on a cruise in Jan. of 2000. It ended up being the deal of a lifetime. Everyone was nervous about Y2K so they had a deal for the 11 day trip from NYC for $599. I said there was no way I was going to go over there and get stuck on a barge, but my husband brought home the brochure and it was Renaissance hotels and cruise line. I am so glad we did. Ephesus and Corinth and Athens were unbelieveable. We had a taxi driver take us on a city tour one night and he took us to Mar's Hill. You could just imagine Paul overlooking the people and talking....and no you are not crazy to take photos of food and post them. The food is the best part of travel for us foodies!!

  8. I'm commenting on multiple posts. First, I don't think you are crazy for taking food pictures. I almost never go to a restaurant without taking pictures of the food these days. I loved seeing all that Greek food, oh the olives and salads...yum!

    I also love the pictures you posted today. I don't fly, so there are places I will never see unless my friends share their pictures...this was quite a treat!

  9. You won my book giveaway. I don't see an email address on your blog, so please email your mailing address to me. Congratulations!

  10. You must have had a gret vacation; this looks amazing. I want to go there.

  11. Martha, we must have taken the same tour as you guys did only ours was several years ago. Magnificent trip! Wish I'd been blogging & had a digital camera back then.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.


    p.s. ♥ your pretty pink napkins in your TT

  12. Hi Martha! Welcome back home and oh, what a marvelous time you must have had! Thank you for sharing all of these lovely photos! We have a friend at church who is from Greece and he's always telling us how beautiful it is! We would love to go there sometime! You look so cute in your little hat! :)
    I scrolled on down and saw all of that wonderful food! Yum!! Glad you had such a great time!
    I'm so glad you're the expert on pretty little baby girls! We're sure thinking our little Carter is one little doll.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. How amazing to actually stand in those places! Wonderful photos. laurie