Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tablescape Thursday at the frog pond.

UPDATE: We're back from a wonderful trip and I'll be posting soon. Between jetlag, an abundance of laundry, returning to work, attending VBS and the heat wave....I've not created a new tablescape. Since I didn't get the chance to link this one before our trip I will do that now. Can't wait to share some pictures and new table linens from our holiday -- see ya!

You all know how much I love Thursday, when we all get to visit Susan and join the tablescape party. This week however, I won't be visiting or linking. We'll be, as our English friends say, "Across the pond". (well actually waaaaaay across the pond - in Greece!) So today, we're having lunch with some of our froggy pond friends.

Welcome to the pond!

Here's a lilly pad set just for you! Let's see what's set on the table today.

Goblets found at Goodwill back in the fall. They're holding pretty pink and green napkins from Tuesday Morning. I have a two napkin rule - paper for the mouth, cloth for the lap.

I found these froggy salt and pepper shakers at an antique store named "Through The Garden Gate". It seems fitting to find frogs in the garden - don't you think so?

Here's another frog from Ben Franklin Craft store.

I folded my pink cloth napkins into "flowers" for the lilly pads. They've been put into my crystal votive holders and set on each plate. The plates came from Kroger this spring -- I thought they sort of looked like lilly pads.

Here's a frog hanging around the centerpiece.

Another flower fold -- no two came out exactly alike.

Another frog from Ben Franklin.

The centerpiece is set in a shallow footed crystal compote.

I found this at Goodwill and I think it's supposed to be a toothbrush holder -- but it makes a perfect "flower frog" today.

An overview of the gerber daisies.

An overview of the frog pond.

Time to light the candles.

The flatware "Treble Clef" is perfect for this whimsical table setting.

A tabletop view.

Just hanging on...

...for dear life!

Poor little fella!

I won't make the link up for the party this week at Susan's "Between Naps on the Porch" but be sure to hop on over to her porch and see what everybody's set on their table this week. You'll be glad you did.

See ya when we get back!


  1. This is just darling, Martha! I love the froggies!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I love your table! The napkins are so neat...I love the way you've folded them. And your little friends...they are too cute! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Ms. Sharlotte's...Southern Reflections

  3. I love this adorable froggy table! The napkins make wonderful flowers for the lilly pad plates! How creative you are! I adore the frog hanging on! This is just so Darling! I do think the flowers (toothpaste holder) is a flower frog. They make vases, bowl etc with small holes to place flowers and it called a flower frog. Great name for your table setting! Come show this one day on Tea Time Tuesday! Great for iced Tea. lol The frogs just might like to have a cool sip of Tea on a hot summer day!

  4. Oh I love your pink and green table with the frogs and lily pad dishes! So whimsical, so creative too!
    I love how your folded the napkins, sooo cute!

  5. How precious!! I just adore the use of the blue tablecloth to suggest the water. Amazing job.

  6. Oh Martha, this is a fabulous tablescape! I love that it is fun, but also beautiful! The greens and pinks look so pretty, and the frogs and lilly pad plates are just sooo fun! (Love that frog hanging on to the bowl). Your flower napking fold is beautiful. Hope you are having a wonderful trip. laurie

  7. Oh, how my grandkids would LOVE this...although I'd be scared to death to let them sit at your beautiful table. They are NUTS about frogs! I have some of the kind that hang around in different positions on pots or whatever. We switch them out a few times a week to make them "hide in plain sight." The kids start looking for them the minute they come in the door!

    Enough about my frogs...YOUR little froggies throughout the whole design are just too cute. The whole tablescape makes me want to sit down and have lunch with a good friend! or three!

  8. I'm loving the pink and green, especially those frogs. Have a great visit "over there".


  9. You simply cannot go wrong with froggies! I do love your tablesetting...but then I always do!! Your colors are so sweet and froggies are always a favorite with me!
    Hurry back and have a wonderful time, Martha!

  10. I just love how you folded the pink napkins, you should do a show and tell. I hope you have having a wonderful trip, and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  11. How pretty! Love those linens:)

  12. I hope you're having a great time in Greece! I visited once a couple years ago and just LOVED it! I'd go back in a heart beat. I second everyone else who'd love a show and tell on how you folded those napkins!

  13. Oh, you are too precious! Have fun. xx's

  14. Oh I loved the frogs. It was one of the cutest tables I have ever seen. I wanted to sit at the table and eat finger foods. I shared this one with a friend who collects frogs. She loved it too.

  15. All the little frogs are so much fun. Love the theme of his table. You are so creative. Stay cool.

  16. Hi Martha, I hope your trip was wonderful!!! Your tablescape is......You've gotten very good at this & those napkins folded like roses - genius! BTW I'm back- hope to have you visit.

  17. That is so pretty! Love those napkins!

  18. Dear Martha, You have a great tablescape here and I like the pink and green together. Love it.

    May you have a wonderful Summer.

    Thank you so very much for the kind words you shared with me over at my blog. I appreciate your compassion.

    This is a very different time for me.

  19. So cute! I love the folded napkins, and the colors are just so cheerful!

  20. i love the whimsy of the table. Your folded lotus blossom napkins are perfect for this setting. Your creativity is over the top.. delightful!

  21. Great table with the little critters. I bet you loved Greece. We went way back in 1983.

  22. Pink, green, and little frogs make for a cute table. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  23. Martha, what an adorable table...it looks just like lily pads on a pond. Love all the little frogs you have added. Have a wonderful vacation!

  24. What a darling, happy table, Martha. Those folded napkins are such a cute idea!

  25. Martha, this is as cute as can be! It's a fabulous lily pond, and I can't believe those napkins!!! Love the color and the design... just as darling and pretty as can be. Love the gerber daisies you picked for the ocassion, too.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday!


    Sheila :-)

  26. What a great colour combo! The napkins/fold are terrific - they do look like lilypads! Cute froggies! That toothbrush holder turned flower frog is a wonderful idea!

    Happy 100th week of TT to you!


  27. Enjoyed the blue cloth with the pink and green...a charming combination. The lily pad plates are precious, and the pink napkin fold is intriguing. Thank you for sharing your design. Cherry Kay

  28. Hi Martha-
    Your table is beautiful!
    I love the pink and green, and you MUST do a tutorial on napkin folding!

    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

  29. These frogs are so adorable. I love your green plates. The pink and green color combination is wonderful. Those gerber daisies look so pretty.

  30. Martha,
    what a pretty and festive table despite a litte bit humour is within. The green and pink color combinations is so nice and the froggies are cute. The way you combined the lilly pad plates with the prettiest folded napkins ist just an artwork for itself. You have made a great job. So I hope you will enjoy your trip to Greece and get lots of new and nice ideas about tablescape there.
    Greetings, Johanna

  31. Wow, those lilypad plates with the flower napkins are fabulous! What a clever idea! I love all the other pond touches you've added. A very delightful table!

  32. Oh Martha, your tablescape is just delightful! Love your brilliant and happy colors, they are just wonderful! Froggies, just too cute!

    Happy I found my way to your blog, aren't Susan's parties awesome?


  33. Very pretty and oh so clever. I love how you folded the napkins and your frog salt and pepper shakers are perfect for your table.

  34. The lilies are so clever! Love pink! Froggies are so summer...Thank you for sharing....

  35. So cute froggies playing around!


  36. This tablescape is adorable with all of those cute whimsical froggies. You folded those napkins so beautifully to set atop the "lilly pads". The plates are so cute.

    All the Best,


  37. This is just adorable! Love those napkins, thanks for the tutorial!

    Sorry to be late, I'm still feeling yukky from the antibiotics :-(


  38. Oh how creative - the napkins on the plate make the perfect lily pad. Do enjoy your trip!

    - The Tablescaper

  39. This is such a cute yet pretty table! Love how the plates & napkins look like lily pads.

  40. Hi Martha...such a cute, springy table...I love pink and green together! Love those lily pad plate and those sweet napkins! Can't wait to hear about your trip...Greece...wow!!!

  41. Hi Martha,
    What an adorable and colorful table. Love how you made the napkins look like lilies and with the plates it all does look like a lilypad and flowers on the lake. So cute!!
    Blessings, Nellie

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