Monday, July 26, 2010

More pictures of Athens

Sharing a few more pictures of our trip -- since we started out in Athens, I'll take you on our tour there. The first evening we were there we walked around after dinner and took a few pictures. Here's one of the Acropolis, I never could get a good one at night all lit up -- but it was beautiful.

I never saw a grocery store while we were there. Markets like this with fresh fruits, vegetables and wine.

The streets are very narrow. No big trucks or SUV's, lots of smart cars, little cars and scooters. And none of them particularly pay attention to lanes on the highways or stop signs! I wouldn't want to drive there.

Here we are at the "Tower of the Winds".

A view of Athens from the Acropolis.

It was quite a walk up -- if you ever go, be sure to take good walking shoes because nothing is really level (or handicapped accessible) and a good hat! Here we are at The Parthenon.

Greek columns.

This was from the Temple of Athena.

These pretty little chapels are all over Athens and the islands too.

Sunday we went to see the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier.

The band started off the parade. Notice the dog joined in! There were dogs all over Athens. The city takes care of them and feeds them. They all have on tags and they really do look well cared for.

Notice that two dogs had joined them on the return parade.

Next were the solders.

All lined up.

And the ceremony begins.

The new guards join with the outgoing guards.

And the guard has changed. Check out the shoes!

After the changing of the guard we went to the Acropolis museum. I couldn't take pictures inside, but as you were going in you could look down through plexiglass and see the excavation. The museum was great and they had a video of how everything looked when the Acropolis was built. Beautiful and amazing.

This pretty building was our view from our hotel.

Here we are at one of the outdoor cafes. Evening meals are late and very unhurried. To check out some pictures of some of our wonderful meals scroll back to my Foodie Friday post!

Here's a picture of other diners at the cafe.

Our traveling companions Tom and Marti. It was great traveling with them because Tom's been to Greece many times and knows how to get around - it really made our trip worry free!

In the summertime, because it's so hot -- lots of places close down in the afternoon. We found it to be a great time for returning to the hotel for a nap. Now that's a Greek tradition I could really get used to! As you can see... Mr. Mid-Atlantic got a head start.

Next time, I'll post some pictures of our island excursions.

See ya!


  1. Martha, What great pics! I may never get the opportunity to see Greece so I am really enjoying yours.
    Great experience,

  2. Wow-I don't really know what to say other than I'm really enjoying your pictures. It must truly be something to see in person.

  3. An incredible experience I would love to have some day! Your pictures are great. So nice to travel with someone who is familiar with things when you are in another country. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  4. I love all of your pics ... made me feel like I have visited Athens. I love the idea of a nap in the afternoon :)

  5. Martha, what wonderful photos. So much history; so much beauty. I loved taking the tour with you. It looks like it was so much fun and so educational too. laurie

  6. Hi Martha,
    You look as if you are having a wonderful time, although I know the heat in Athens is enervating.
    Your pix brought back happy memories of our trip to Greece in 1980, where have the years gone??

  7. What a great trip. We are going in October. I can't wait.