Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tablescape Thursday - 4th of July

It's Thursday! Time to see what everyone's set out on their tables this week. I know that this week we'll be seeing lot's of red, white and blue for the 4th of July! It's always been one of my favorite holidays (do I say that about every holiday?) This week I was trying for a timeless, classic tablescape for the 4th -- one that could have as easily been set by my grandmother as set by me, even though I've combined new items along with vintage.

Welcome to my red, white and blue table.

I started out with this vintage white tablecloth layered over a dark blue one.

See the scalloped edges?

You know I've set a place just for you!

The centerpiece is an old white basket lined with two navy blue cloth napkins and then filled with red and white flowers, flags, shells and starfish.

The other side.

And a little closer.

On one end we have The Statue of Liberty.

On the other is an antique post card -- I think it's dated 1907.

The verse on the front.

A view from the top of the flagpole.

Overview of the basket.

Blue water goblets and a sprinkling of starfish.

Red cloth napkins edged in white and a blue napkin ring from Style Sisters.

The layering of the dishes and my "old fashioned" Target flatware.

I love transferware and decided to mix the blue with the red.

A closer look and the Johnson Brothers blue transferware pattern I purchased recently from Marshall's. Love the birds and flowers.

The basketweave pattern and more flowers along the edge.

Next I have a white Gibson Claremont plate, because I just wanted a white rim between the two plates.

The red transferware is also Johnson Brothers, but it is much older. These are the dishes that came from my in-laws river cottage. Many a Fourth of July was spent there with my husband's family when our children were growing up!

The rims of these dishes display strawberries and cherries. A mixture of fruits, flowers, birds and sea shells -- Sounds like a perfect recipe for a great summer.

One last look at our holiday table. Be sure to check out all the other tables this week at Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan of "Between Naps on the Porch". You'll find a star spangled array awaiting you! Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th. Happy Birthday U.S.A.!

See ya!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday and treasures

Recently we cleaned out my father-in-laws house after it was sold. My husband and sister-in-law had a home that contained the array of things their parents had accumulated over fifty years. They threw away, gave way, sold and divided things among us and our combined 5 children. I think everyone found things to treasure and remember from this wonderful couple who were beloved parents, in-laws, grand-parents and great- grand parents. This was a piece that they had in their living room for years.

I quickly was able to fill it with stemware I've collected over the years and a few other things. Some of this had been packed away or stored in various places throughout my house. It's wonderful to have a place to house it all conveniently in my dining room.

Another treasure I acquired was this antique cruet set.

I was thrilled at how well it polished up. Everything was in perfect shape, except one stopper missing. I found one at an antique store this weekend. The sort of pointed one in the front.

In addition to the salt and pepper shakers, were three bottles -- oil and vinegar and what else? Two oils? Two vinegars? Perhaps there is a clue in the shapes. One has a double spout.

The other two are straight bottle necks -- does anyone know what goes in each?

I wish I knew the story behind this set of tea cups from Japan. There are six in the set.

One cup is darker in color and has little men all over it.

Sorry for the blur.

The colors are quite beautiful. Unfortunately, I don't think that any of these can be used for tea because they are so delicate and most are cracked. But they can certinaly be used for tablescaping.

The other five are exactly alike.

Beautiful ladies and flowers on these. Any idea why one would be different? The only thing I can come up with is that one was for the male head of the household and the others were for the rest of the family. But that's certainly only a guess.

Isn't this a sweet little tea set?

I love roses - especially pink roses. This set is marked on the bottom from Germany.

I guess this cut glass piece is a spooner, but it's by far the largest one I've ever seen! This must have been for a very large family or a boarding house. It's gorgeous. I believe I'll use it for flowers.

How about this sweet little pot? It's a tiny thing.

It's missing a spoon, but I believe this was for individual servings of jelly or preserves. Wouldn't it be charming on a breakfast tray?

I've always loved these condiment baskets. Sometimes they have a little bracket to hold a spoon at the top. But I have a perfect little silver ladle that will work just fine.

This little pitcher is also from Japan.

Again, painted with beautiful pink roses. Many of these things were never to my knowledge used, but I'll enjoy using them all and treasure them not only for their beauty, but knowing that they must have had some special meaning to my in-laws for them to have kept them all these years.

A couple of weekends ago we attended a wedding out of town. The bride and her mother, knowing my love of antiques, suggested that I visit an antique store named "Toots" close by. I came home with some vintage linens -- a real weakness of mine. First up is this monogramed hand towel. Certainly the "M" is for Mid-Atlantic Martha!

Loved the black edging.

I found three tablecloths -- I'm guessing from the 30's or 40's. The first one is an ivy pattern. Creamy white background with grey lattice pattern and various shades of green for the ivy leaves.

A closer look.

The second cloth contains very soft colors of grey, pink and yellow.

The blossoms are shaped like lilacs, but up close they sort of look like hydrangeas. What do you think?

The last tablecloth is also green, grey and white.

The Virginia state flower is the dogwood. I love this pattern.

Lastly, I found a pair of child size ice skates. I've looked for a pair for several years to use at Christmas on my front porch along with an old sled -- Years ago my father-in-law gave me his, but I've been sort of leary of leaving that one outside -- now I've also got my husbands from the 60's. I'm guessing these aren't really all that old -- but they'll be fun to decorate with this Winter.

Last, but certainly not least, I told you about the box filled with pretties sent by Karen of "Karen's Korner" -- for no special reason -- I'm sure that she had no idea how close it was to my birthday! She was also cleaning out her parents home and packed this up and sent it my way! I cannot even express how touched I was to receive this package.

Just little hand crocheted beauties.

Can you see the boy in this piece?

Two sweet little pieces of linen with beautiful edging.

Another crocheted doily.

Isn't this just the most darling little ruffled circle?

And this gorgeous tablecloth! Karen, I don't think you could have found anyone more delighted than I to receive these. I will certainly treasure them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And lastly, one happy birthday girl. It's been a wonderful day. After church we went to lunch at my favorite Greek restaurant and enjoyed anticipating our upcoming trip to Greece! My birthday gift from my husband this year, we can't wait and I can't wait to share it with you.

See ya!