Sunday, December 30, 2012

December Calendar Tablescape Inspiration

This is my final tablescape inspiration from my old 2010 Lang Calendar -- it's been fun using it for my tables this year!

The year ends playing happily in the snow!

And of course the dog joins in the fun!

A closer view of our winter friends.

And here's my table top version!

Let's move in a little closer......

....and watch a snowman dance!

All smiles!

I added a scarf that I got a couple of years ago in New York.

No top hats and red mittens -- my style is more fleece and green knit gloves.
Added my snowman plates (Cracker Barrel) over my red dinner plates (Marshall's)  with my treble clef flatware (e-bay) over my red, green and blue placemats (Marshall's) -- all of these I've had for several years.

Each plate has a different snow face.

These two have the cardinals....

He must want a kiss...with the mistletoe on his hat!

And here's our "formal" snowman in his top hat!
Red napkins were ones that my parents used every Christmas dinner at their home.  Napkin rings from Pier-1 a couple of years ago.

And, of course, a playful pup in the snow.

These trees matched the color theme perfectly.

A view from a falling snowflake.

So glad that you could join me for a "pretend" snow day....(my very favorite kind)!

See ya!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November Calendar Inspiration Tablescape

 I'm almost at the end of my Lang Calendar that I've been using for tablescape inspiration this year.  Here's the inspiration picture for November.

 Welcome to my November table full of pumpkins and some things are a little different from the picture....but that's the beauty of "inspiration" doesn't have to be an exact duplicate.....just going for the same "feel".

I don't have a pretty little low sided metal bucket like the picture.....but I do have a hammered aluminum tray....... I went about gathering pumpkins for my tray.....and pumpkin plates for the table.

Sorry for the glare.....the day I set this table was rainy so I had to turn on the light.  These pumpkin plates came from Walmart last year.  The plaid napkins came from the Yankee Candle store a couple of years ago.

I pulled out my vintage green of these days I may find some pretty amber stems....but I don't know where on earth I would store them!  I'm all out of storage and cubby spots!

 An overview of the centerpiece....pumpkins.....leaves....corn....gourds....acorns.

A look from the "other" side.

I found these acorns that look real in Michaels a few weeks ago.

I decided that the bamboo flatware was the choice for this casual table.

                                           Tabletop overview.

                                        I do love the colors.....

                               .........and the scents of autumn......

                              about you? 

                                  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

                                 See ya!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Calander inspiration tablescape - October

October is almost done and it was time to  bring out the Lang calander for tablescape inspiration.

So here we are with the October picture of a basket, a crow, and figs.

 You can see the basket here a little closer and I think the figs look really pretty.

 And here's my tabletop version -- now while I think the figs in the picture are really pretty and I was surprised to find some fresh figs in the grocery store (of course no leaves though)......

we don't really like figs so much, so I substituted plums instead.  You'll have to pretend they're figs!

And for a bit of green, I added some gourds.

Added a bit of color to the black and white table linens.

 Sorry that the day is so dreary, but we're being visited by "Sandy".  These goblets are amethyst in color.

 A view from the crows nest.

My stack of dishes starts with green....

 over black and white checked.....over plain white.

 Two smaller crows are standing guard on the backside of the basket.

.....this little guy seems to have had an unfortunate accident...only one leg.

across the tabletop....

 ....a neat effect that I didn't even know I could do --- black and white and only the greens showing their colors.

Back to all color and I've added some more gourds to the plates.

Since I will actually eat the plums....I've replaced them with all mini pumpkins and gourds.

Don't you love them this time of year?

 Some years I have really enjoyed setting a fun Halloween table especially when the grands are coming for a seasonal supper, but this year the girls got strep throat and with the hurricane bearing down, I decided to just keep it a little more simple.....maybe next year will find my table filled with witches and goblins.

 Yesterday before the rain started, I ducked into Marshall's to look for a new pair of "puddle jumpers".

Now I've just got to hope that the puddles don't get any higher than my ankles!  So far, it looks like we're not going to have it so bad....we've been lucky so far.  I hope my friends that are a little more north and those closer to the coast will soon be dry and have minimal damage.  And those to the west of us are supposed to get quite a bit of snow.....looks like we're in the right spot this time around. Good luck everyone!

See ya!

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