Friday, April 27, 2012

April Showers

April Showers bring the flowers......

....and this is Garden Week in Virginia.  I was lucky enough to be invited to go to "The Boulevard Tour" with my wonderful SIL!  What a wonderful treat.

We started out here.  You can see the small front yards are often sweet little garden spots on the sidewalk.  I couldn't take any pictures of the lovely interiors...and you'll have to bear with me for these outdoor photos....I was trying to avoid getting other people some of them are at strange angles.

This gives a perspective of looking down the bouldvard at the rows of homes.

Historical  information.

The stained glass windows of this home were just amazing!

You can see the house number in this stained glass panel over the door.

Since I couldn't get a good picture of the front of the house -- this sign shows a drawing of 1 N. Boulevard. Affectionately known as "the one".

These are of the side gardens.

It's also a B&B and this is the entrance for that part of the home.

Another beautiful window.

Love the red tile roof on this one.

This bright blue door was to an outbuilding that was covered in ivy.  Doesn't it look enchanted?

Outdoor garden shots.

Couldn't resist a "tablescape" photo!

Centerpiece arranged by the garden club -- all the homes were filled with some of the most amazing floral arrangements!

Even the walk way between two homes makes for lovely arrangements of hanging ferns ....

and potted plants.

This was a really striking stone home.

Loved the color of the front door.

All the garden arrangements at this home..

...were done by the son of the homeowners.....

.....and had just been completed the weekend before.

This is the back stoop of the smallest home (condo) on the tour.  There were too many people to be able to get a good picture of the front.

but, believe it or not......

....these garden boxes are in the alley!

On the way to our last house we passed by this charming lot that was "The Children's Garden"

see the little garden spots boxed off on the right?

This last home was the largest we toured.  It was stunning....and went on the market the very next day.  The guide said that it was built in 1924 and had only had 5 homeowners.  You can be the 6th if you like .....for a mere $995,000!

The back porch was adorned with silver champagne buckets filled with red tulips.

A lovely backyard filled with so many spots for daydreaming of spring afternoons in the sunshine.

As we strolled back to the car, this tree caught our eyes.  Filled with white fuzz....I'm not sure what kind of tree it is....but I'm certain one of you must know.

Just a few blocks away is the home where I lived growing up.

I loved this house and the neighborhood filled with lots of families.

They've turned the tiny front yard into a pretty little garden spot.

The front door seems to be saying, "Welcome home!"  I have many very fond memories of growing up with my brother and two sisters here.

So, how are things blooming where you live?  I hope you've enjoyed our "garden tour" .... almost as much as I did.

See ya!

Monday, April 23, 2012


So proud of our daughter!  She graduated from nursing school on March 22nd. She took her nursing boards last Monday....found out she passed on her liscense number on a job offer on Thursday....and started her first day of work today!  What a wonderful week!  We're all jumping for joy!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Tulips Tablescape

I've been going to my old Lang calendar for the past few months to get tablescaping inspirations.  This was the April picture from 2010.  So for this week, I've set an April Tulips table.

Welcome to our Spring table.

Won't you join me?

A look at the layers.  Plain white dinner plates over scalloped chargers -- two hot pink and two orange.

A sheer orange gingham topper over a white tablecloth.

I decided to use these dragonfly napkin rings from Pier One...instead of the butterfly on the calendar.

Etched stems.

A closer look at our elegant tulips cascading across the table.

I think the picture shows the flowers in a this mason jar serves as a casual vase.

Tabletop view.

Loved these ruffled tulips.

A look at the overlay of the tablecloths.

The "stars" of the table.

Don't you love the colors of tulips in the Spring?  I've had fun creating tables that match my old calendar.  You never know where a bit of inspiration can strike.

I'm joining Kathleen at her "Lets Dish" for Earth day. And Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" for Tablescape Thursday.

See Ya!