Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Butterfly Tablescape

Once again I looked to my old 2010 Lang calendar for tablescaping inspiration and the March picture was full of butterflies.
So for this last week in March I have set a butterfly themed table.
Here's a place set just for you. 
The centerpiece is a filled with butterflies.  I found these huge ones full of spring color at a local craft store. 
They're made of painted feathers and are attached to brightly glittered bodies.
I also found these placemats at one of the local vintage stores and they are full of spring butterflies......
......peeking out from behind the plates and under the forks.....
....and the perfect compliment to these butterfly napkin rings.  Actually the smaller butterflies were also found at the same craft store.  They were already attached to small clips that I easily clipped onto some plain white napkin rings.  They would be pretty on sheer ribbon bows as well.
I found these pink cabbage salad plates a couple of years ago on ebay.  I've enjoyed the bamboo flatwear for a couple of years as well.  I've also seen the bamboo in black and green on other blogs, but alas, I've never run across any in my local stores.....I'm still on the look out though.  Bamboo is very versatile.
The dinner plates I've selected are very pale pink glass plates with cabbage roses etched into the centers.  This picture also shows some of the fun butterflies and flowers on the placemats.
Who doesn't love a cute pink ladybug?
There are also a couple of ladybugs on the basket holding the centerpiece.
A close up of one of the giant butterflies.
Overview of the butterfly inspired tablescape.
Aren't they pretty for a Spring setting?

Wishing you beautiful spring days filled with butterflies and sunshine.

See ya!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Things

Special celebrations make me happy --- being able to enjoy our daughter's birthday with her family.  Her dad always makes her favorite St. Patrick's dinner since her birthday is so close --- March 14th.

Just a bit of whimsey makes me smile.  (and a few chocolate coins too!)

Grandtwins who are "best freinds"

Partying with "the girls"!

A long awaited graduation day!

Proud of our daughter for winning a very special award.

Getting her nursing pin!

Taking her oath with her class.

Seeing how proud her daughters were to see their Mama graduate.

Sharing special times with family.  (Sorry I cut off the top of the head of my very handsome son in law).

Finding a sign of love walking the dogs.

What's making you smile today?

See ya!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Patrick's Tablescape 2012

We've always loved St. Patrick's Day. Our daughter's birthday is the 14th and she always asks for Irish fare for her birthday dinner. Can't go wrong with corned beef brisket and cabbage and potatos. So, come on and join us for some food and blarney!
You can be sure I've set a place for you.
I found these salad plates a few years ago right after Christmas on sale at Marshall's --- As soon as I saw them I thought "perfect for St. Patrick's" --- don't you love the little Irish cottages?
Silk cabbage leaves make the perfect placemat for an Irish supper.
Green goblets for tea and we'll have some Irish coffee with our dessert.
Using the same chargers, flatware, napkins and green goblets from last week's table makes this a simple tablescape to put together. You can really change the theme and look of a table by just changing the top dish and the centerpiece!
A hammered aluminum tray hold my little Irish village......
....a couple of cottages.....
.....and a village church.
And I do believe that we've discovered a happy leprechaun underneath this mushroom!
Overview of the table.
Overview of the centerpiece.
We must have a shammrock or two!
And it looks like we've been rewarded with a wee bit of gold.
My only purchase for this table was a couple of bags of chocolate gold coins and a bag of dried split peas for my Irish "greenery". Hope your St. Patrick's day is full of fun, blessings and a wee bit of blarney too! See ya!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Daffodil Delight table

Welcome to my Daffodil Table. I love when the daffodils arrive to herald the beginning of Spring....don't you?
Won't you enjoy me for a spring luncheon?
I love this vintage lace tablecloth that drips off the table.
I found this fun china on ebay a couple of years ago.
When I looked this pattern up, I found that it was introduced right around the time I got married - 1975.
I was able to score 6 of these green glass plates from Cracker Barrel a couple of years ago ...they were on the 75% discount shelf!
Target carried this faux ivory flatwear a few years ago too -- they were 99 cents each. I was really sorry to see these discontinued.
These flowers in the lace of the tablecloth remind me of early spring flowers blooming in the snow...we had some pretty falling snow here just yesterday....and by tomorrow it will be almost 70 degrees around here. That's sort of a typical Virginia Spring.....you never know what you'll get around here!
I found four of these green goblets at our local GoodWill a couple of years ago right around Christmas......then about 9 months later I found four more! How random is that?
The napkins came from Kohl's a few years ago and the end of the summer -- on the 80% off sale. I like the blending of the soft yellow and green....perfect for a daffodil table.
Three pots of daffodils were my only purchase for this table. These came from the grocery store....wouldn't they make a nice keepsake for some luncheon guests. I wonder if I can plant the bulbs again.
Overview of my table top garden.
I love how well this china pattern mimics the little potted daffodils.
A close up of spring in bloom.
Little glass votive holders -- holding tea lights tucked among the flowers.
So let's light the candles......
And enjoy the beginnings of Spring! Hope that signs of spring are blooming outside your window....or adding color to your tables. See ya!