Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Fluffings

I was really late in getting out my Easter d├ęcor this year.....I think part of the problem (other than being busy) was that it's been so cold.....it just has not "felt" like Easter.....

But as I finally found the time.... I started feeling like Spring was on it's way.  With little nests and lambs.....

I found these two lambs last year at a vintage and thrift store.

These two bunnies I found the same year at two different shops.

The same was true with these two lamb votive holders.....found the same year in two different shops.

My washstand is filled with Easter greetings.....

This cutie was from Cracker Barrel a couple of years ago.

Four White House Easter Eggs -- I started in 2009 and have added one each year....my 2013 egg is ordered and on it's way.

He's a handsome bunny too!

I think we have a shy little ballerina bunny.....

Doesn't she have a sweet face?

I found this guy on sale this year at Tuesday Morning.....

He seems to be having fun with last year's Pier 1 lambs.

I found this Dept. 56 rabbit a few years ago...

I love his old fashioned hand carved wooden look.

These bunnies were found at Kroger a few years ago.....and the little "eggs" -( that are really chicks) were at Target this year in the dollar bins.

This little bunny looks like she's covered with sugar to me.

This is my oldest little lamb.  Sweet with a little halo, standing on my grandmothers bible.

My mantle is ready for spring.

With bunnies.......

....and birds.

And this guy is over in the corner with his basket of eggs and carrots.

The day after Easter was my dad's 88th birthday.

Centerpiece to honor his farm upbringing......

.....but I bet he never saw such a fancy rooster as this fella!

Love the jonquil plates .....they speak to me of early spring.

Yellow napkins and green tassel napkin rings to compliment the dishes.

And a look from above for the overall effect.

My second table set for Easter Birthday.....

Jelly beans and votives...

Little Easter bunnies.....

What a cute face.....he looks like he's hanging on for dear life!

Plates from Cracker Barrel a few years ago.  I didn't even go into the Cracker Barrel this year....but I'm sure they had lots of holiday cuteness.

A last look at this table.

Now that everything's finally out....I think I will just keep it through April to enjoy......after all, the "season" of Easter lasts for 50 days.  Maybe before the end of the season, it will finally warm up a little!

See ya!

Be sure to visit Susan At Between Naps on the Porch this week --- I hope she doesn't mind my "nesting" along with my tablescape.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Flower Cross

Our church has a tradition of covering this cross with flowers each Easter.  I arrived early and found these simple green leaves covering the cross.

I added some daffodils and pansies from my yard.

And three hours later as I was leaving the cross had been transformed!


I took this picture of the cross covered with flowers.  This is a favorite spot for Easter pictures taken each year.  But it rained here and I just snapped this one from inside my car in the parking lot.

I hope you had a lovely Easter too!