Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rolling on the river....

Last fall Mr. Mid-Atlantic did something he's been wanting to do for years....he got a boat! So now he's Captain Mid-Atlantic. For a number of odd and various reasons, we have not had the chance to get out on the water...but finally yesterday we were able to go for our first ride of the summer!

My sister and her grandson Ethan are visiting from Wisconsin so they came along for the ride....

.....and beautiful view.....

....of the Rappahannock River.....

....and an afternoon of pure fun!

So if you're missing me....I might just be out.....rollin' on the rivah!

See ya!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tablescape Thursday - Father's Day

It's time to set the table again for Tablescape Thursday. I set two tables this weekend for Father's Day. Since red is my dad's favorite color and we were eating lasagna -- my two red tablecloths were the logical choices.

Both tables are pretty simple -- funny that I tend to set much more on the tables that are just for pictures. These were for a real family dinner.

I can see that I didn't get the cloth completely smoothed out....oh well. Sometimes the table is set a little more hurridly when dinner is ready. This table was set with white salad plates over red ones. These white dishes came from Tuesday Morning about 4 years ago.

These red Rochester Hobnail plates were found at Marshall's at an after Christmas sale.

I fell in love with the Nell Hill tray/placemats last summer when they kept popping up on tablescapes.

Black iron treble clef flatware was also used in my last tablescape for my son-in-law's birthday. It's heavy and I guess seems "manly" to me since I keep using it in my guyscapes. I liked the shadows on the table.

The pewter goblets were wedding presents from 1975 and the red napkins were from my dad's house when he downsized-- these were his favorites that he used for every holiday and celebration dinner (told you he likes red).

This centerpiece is one that stays on my table all summer. Simple hurricane globe with sand, shells, starfish and a white candle.

Overview shot of the dining room table.

And here's the kitchen table also set for four.

On this table I set my red salad plates over white ones.

Same flatware and placemats.

Same goblets, but black and white checked napkins (the red napkins weren't the same shade as the tablecloth -- big clash!)

Our grandgirls always have the same plates, but since they were green -- I put their paper black and white napkins on top -- to coordinate with the black and white checked ones.

I pulled out some shell flatware that was a little lighter for them.

Overview of the kitchen table.

I loved this wooden swan I found last weekend at one of my favorite antique stores to add to my swan collection. I tied a black and white ribbon around the neck and added some green ivy. The twins enjoyed pretending to be swans gliding through the kitchen and eating at the swan table. How lucky I was to have three father's at our tables. My dad, my husband and my son-in-law. My sister and her grandson from Wisconsin were an extra special treat as well.

My husband picked lasagna for dinner, my sister provided some italian cheese garlic bread from the farmer's market, tossed a simple salad and had chocolate ice cream for dessert. Simple but good! Hope you had a wonderful father's day with the special men in your life. Be sure to visit Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" this week for lots of dish inspirations.

See ya!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Tablescape Thursday -- Cowboy Birthday

It's time for Tablescape Thursday and this week I'm sharing a table set for our SIL's birthday dinner. As you can tell, he's our family cowboy -- he even wore his cowboy hat at his wedding. With four grandgirls, it's fun to have an occasion to bring out some cowboy decor.....and if a couple of those grandgirls decide to be cowgirls....well we can certainly adapt.

Howdy Pardner....what brings you to these parts? Come on in and park your boots awhile.

We've got a cowboy spread so get ready to chow down.

Mighty fine to have you join us.

You take this here red plate.

Got it a few years back from the Marshall's....(not to be confused with the sheriffs.)

Every cowpoke gets a bandana ...we have us some manners around these sleeve wiping!

And jest for good measure....we get an extra plate...boy howdy....looks like a big throw down!

While we're a waitin'...we can check out the rodeo.

Looks like the chow is ready at the chuck wagon. I hear tell that the cook's wrestled up some crab cakes, boiled new potatoes, tossed salad, green beans, fresh cantaloupe, corn on the cob, corn bread, sweet tea and hot homemade blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream! Good enough for a hungry cowboy after working with the horses all day.

Whew...I think I've worked up a big about you?

Gosh....sure hope we don't have to catch us some chickens for supper! And it looks like we won't be brewing up coffee in that ole' coffee pot -- but those daisies shore do look purdy.

Always seems to be a horse or two around here that needs shoeing.

Keep those horseshoes the good luck don't all spill out!

I think daisies are the cowboy choice of flowers....don't you?

And this old cowpoke's ridden a horse or two -- check out those bow legs.

Checkered tablecloth layered under the cowboy cloth and black iron flatware. (must be the ranch brand)

A couple of overviews.

And our little cowpoke sings "Happy trails to you....until we meet again...." Ya'll come back now....and be sure to mosey on over to "Between Naps on the Porch" and check out all the tables that Susan has on display this week....even some for you city folks!

See ya!