Monday, October 29, 2012

Calander inspiration tablescape - October

October is almost done and it was time to  bring out the Lang calander for tablescape inspiration.

So here we are with the October picture of a basket, a crow, and figs.

 You can see the basket here a little closer and I think the figs look really pretty.

 And here's my tabletop version -- now while I think the figs in the picture are really pretty and I was surprised to find some fresh figs in the grocery store (of course no leaves though)......

we don't really like figs so much, so I substituted plums instead.  You'll have to pretend they're figs!

And for a bit of green, I added some gourds.

Added a bit of color to the black and white table linens.

 Sorry that the day is so dreary, but we're being visited by "Sandy".  These goblets are amethyst in color.

 A view from the crows nest.

My stack of dishes starts with green....

 over black and white checked.....over plain white.

 Two smaller crows are standing guard on the backside of the basket.

.....this little guy seems to have had an unfortunate accident...only one leg.

across the tabletop....

 ....a neat effect that I didn't even know I could do --- black and white and only the greens showing their colors.

Back to all color and I've added some more gourds to the plates.

Since I will actually eat the plums....I've replaced them with all mini pumpkins and gourds.

Don't you love them this time of year?

 Some years I have really enjoyed setting a fun Halloween table especially when the grands are coming for a seasonal supper, but this year the girls got strep throat and with the hurricane bearing down, I decided to just keep it a little more simple.....maybe next year will find my table filled with witches and goblins.

 Yesterday before the rain started, I ducked into Marshall's to look for a new pair of "puddle jumpers".

Now I've just got to hope that the puddles don't get any higher than my ankles!  So far, it looks like we're not going to have it so bad....we've been lucky so far.  I hope my friends that are a little more north and those closer to the coast will soon be dry and have minimal damage.  And those to the west of us are supposed to get quite a bit of snow.....looks like we're in the right spot this time around. Good luck everyone!

See ya!

This week I'm joining the fun at "Let's Dish!" -- be sure to visit lots of fun (and spooky) tables!

Monday, October 22, 2012

October gifts

You know how sometimes you just need a little something to take to the office...or a hostess gift?  We've had a few occasions in our office the past few weeks that merited a small gift.  The first was a collegue who was moving to another town while her husband goes back to law school.  With autumn upon us...I thought a cheery farewell basket would be fun....

....especially with such a cute scarecrow....I love scarecrows!

This little garden in a basket was very economical ...two mums, panseys, a couple of gourds and a tiny pumpkin with a bit of "moss".  The fall ribbon I already had and the basket was on sale. 

 Then came boss's day when I found this Virginia Tech pan at Cracker Barrel... perfect!  It was easy to whip up a batch of symphony brownies and wrap it all up and tie it together with the school colors and a few autumn leaves. 

 Then the very next day another one of our collegues was leaving for a once again, I "planted" a going away garden in this cute pumpkin basket.

And another cute scarecrow woman stands guard over the flowers and pumpkins.  I think she's too sweet to really scare anything though.  What do you think?

  I guess I'll need to restock my fall ribbon.....this was the last of that batch. 

Hope you're enjoying October in your corner of the pumpkin patch!

See ya!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Presto Chango Tablescape

 Some of you may remember my table of last week with the bicycles and the blues.....

So this this week, I decided to "build" a new table and show how easy it is to change the look, with minimal change.  This time I changed the centerpiece of a basket of flowers to a happy jack-o-lantern nested on fall leaves on a wooden stand.  I've had this pumpkin for years...but you could carve your own too.

I kept the same tablecloth, plates, napkins and flatware.  I removed the bicycle stickers and added fall leaves under the clear glass.

 This takes us from end of summer to autumn very easily.  I love the combinaton of blues and oranges.

....then to add a bit more orange to the table I added these pretty orange fall towelettes/napkins that my friend Jane just sent me. (we both have paper product obsessions and she always finds the prettiest ones).

 A pretty look with minimal cost.  If you have white and clear glass plates (my white ones came from Big Lots several years ago and the clear ones can be purchased at Walmart very inexpensively) can "make" any pattern of china you want....millions of possibilities.

 Now lets make another subtle change and switch to a black and white checked tablecloth and orange and black plaid cloth napkins.  I changed my navy blue goblets for clear ones.

....add a few mini pumpkins .....these make cute place cards if you write the names on the pumpkins....or you can add sticker letters instead.

Ponytail bands from the dollar spot at Target make cute napkin rings.

 .....different flatware can add a different twist to the place setting.....

.....and before you know it....."Presto Chango" have a fun and friendly Halloween table....with very little effort and expense.

See ya!

This week I'm joining Susan at "Between Naps on the Poarch" for fall tablescaping fun!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Where there's a will...... tablescape

As some of you know,each month I've been looking at an old Lang calendar for tablescape inspirations.  When I got to September I thought I was going to have to pass.  I looked and looked for  a small toy bicycle.....but couldn't find one anywhere.  I was just about to just give up when......

...I got an ideal looking at the basket of flowers....ah ha!

 .....instead of a bike holding a basket of about a basket of flowers.....

                                               ....topped with a bike? I found some clip art, and I thought the ribbon reminded me of bicycle bar streamers.

                                         tabletop overview

                                  bike in a basket

        let's go for a bike to join me....the September weather is perfect!

                      since there were navy stripes around the picture..
                        ......I got out my navy striped napkins.

                  how do you like my bicycle china?  It's really stickers under clear glass.

                                                Navy goblets.....

                      .......and a basket full of black eyed Susans and daisys.

            You just never know where your tablescaping challenges might come from!
             I've enjoyed this monthly project.....wait until you see October!

             See ya!

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