Saturday, August 22, 2009

Last Friday of Summer 2009

I work for a local school system year round. In the Summer months we work four days and have Fridays off. This Friday was the last one off for the Summer of 2009 so several of us were planning to note this with activities that we especially enjoy. My boss went camping, our secretary went riding on her Harley with her husband on a trip to wherever the road leads and I decided to treat myself to a visit to one of the larger antique shops I really enjoy browsing, "Through The Garden Gate". I spent about 2 hours there and could have browsed more, but they were ready to close at 5 in the afternoon and it was time to settle up. Since it's a little further away than my usual loop - I only allow myself this treat once a quarter - because of that, I usually try to "make it count". It seems that I had a multiple decorating personality shopping experience.

One of the things I've been wanting lately, is a nice bed tray. This one was on sale today and is a really substantial one. It needs a little "love" to spruce it up. It's truly looking a bit more shabby than chic. I wiped it off for this picture, but I think it's really going to need repainting. Right now it's an ivory white, but it appears that at one time it may have been a very pale blue. I'm thinking I'll spray paint it but can't quite decide on color. What do you "see"? Give me some really good ideas, and if I decide on yours - I'll give you the credit.

I think I'll enjoy this when the weather turns cold and I can take a cup of tea and perhaps a plate of cookies up to bed to read before turning in. Maybe I'll take the paper and a cup of coffee up on a cold Saturday morning and crawl back into bed (after the boys get their morning walk). See how the tray can be removed? Looks like a nice thing to have on a lazy winters day - don't you think? We're having very special guests next month - I'll treat them to breakfast in bed!

I've also wanted a nice vintage picnic basket - perfect for a nice sunny warm day -- we're planning a winery tour sometime this fall and you can bring your own picnic lunch - won't this be perfect? Think my husband will be willing to carry it? Maybe, if it contains his favorite picnic foods!

My whimsical personality was attracted to this tricycle salt and pepper shaker. I'm sure it will work it's way into a tablescape.

My country personality found the rooster juice pitcher...

and a red gingham apron.

My romantic personality spotted the pink rose tablecloth.

Pink and green are my favorite tablescaping colors. You knew that didn't you?

My victorian personality found this monogramed towel.

I think it will look perfect hanging on my oak washstand in the dining room.

These white on white embroidered placemats were also apealing to my old-fashioned personality. They'll be in this week's tablescape.

Another set of placemats with a different look were these woven mats with needlepoint inserts. I'm not too sure what personality was attracted to these - what do you think?

A close up of the inserts.

My preppy personality spotted this Lilly bandana.

And this oblong scarf.

I knew Miss Janice would want them to go to a good home.

Looks like all my personalities found a few treasures -- hope you've had a treasure filled weekend too on these waning days of Summer.

See ya.


  1. That S&P is cuter than I can stand... what an adorable set!!!

  2. What great finds!! I love them all. I can't believe Summer is almost over, it went way too fast :)

  3. Hi Martha! What a fun way to treat yourself! And I love your treasures! I can't wait to see the tricycle on a tablescape...sooo cute! And I am sure Miss Janice agrees with you! Hard to pick a fav...maybe the tablecloth! Have a great school year!...Debbie

  4. I especially love the bed table, picnic basket and salt and pepper bicycle, but you found so many great things. I see the bed tray painted a beautiful light green,and a pink roses coffee or tea cup perched on it with your morning scones or toast. Wouldn't that be so pretty?


  5. Hi Martha,
    What a wonderful time you must have had browsing the afternoon away. I would have loved to be browsing there with you, although we probably would have had a tug of war about the bed table & salt & peper set. Looking forward to seeing the lovely tablescapes you create with these pieces.

  6. Hi Martha. I started typing you a comment and it just went away! :) Well, again, I love your treasures and I would paint your tray red, because I just love red. The rooster is adorable and all those linens are so nice. You did well, my friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Love the rose table cloth... The salt and pepper set I think are my favorite...Looks like you had a wonderful day. Julie

  8. How I love bed trays. Your's is just so sweet. Are you going to paint it? Black? White...oh the choices! :)
    Martha...I love your blog background! I am always changing mine too!

  9. Martha,
    You found some great goodies! I love that basket and tray.