Saturday, August 22, 2009

Let there be white....& black

I can't believe that I missed a tablescaping party a few weeks ago! I was so impressed when I started seeing all the white tablescapes on "Let There Be White" over at "Cuisine Kathleen" -- so when she decided to do a "Let there be white II" party, I decided not to miss this one! This is going to be a double post to Cuisine Kathleen and Tablescape Thursday -- and since it's two posts --- I've done two tablescapes. (that only seemed fair)

I don't think I've ever shown you my "5th leg" on my table -- I love those old legs.

Here we are approaching the white on white tablescape.

My green stems were still looking fresh from last week's sunflower tablescape so I mixed them in with the white hydrangeas bouquet from Kroger. I love their flowers and they're pretty reasonable since I can't seem to grow any at my house - sigh!

My two fat white love birds on a silver tray at the foot of the vase.

Beautiful full blossoms. Three stems for $7.99.

Here's a place setting of white on white. I thought the overall look was quite elegant - but it's somewhat of a challenge to photograph - especially with my lack of skills. That was one of the reasons I decided not to also use a white tablecloth - I needed some contrast. I was glad that this was so light, because the day was so dreary when I took these pictures - I just wasn't getting enough sunlight.

Of course you would have to serve white wine with a white tablescape.

The coffee butler stands in service.

My grandmother's antique white pitcher with water.

I will surely serve "White House Rolls" from my silver bread tray. I love the white liner given to me by some special friends from Church this past Christmas.

Husband's grandmother's heirloom glasses.

Doing the place setting "strip tease" -- White on white Gibson/Gollum dishes.

I found six of these beautiful antique napkins on one of my "treasure hunts" this past Spring.

Dinner plate.

And we're down to our "petticoat" placemat - these were a find I just posted from Friday.

The silverware was a gift from my mother-in-law years ago -- it came from her family -- she was so generous to me and truly treated me like a daughter. I really miss her - but always remember her quite fondly when I get to set my table with such lovely silver. I'm so glad that I had the honor of serving her quite a few Thanksgiving dinners, using this silverware.

I can hardly believe that I have a complete set for twelve placesettings!

Can't forget my little "butter pats" and knives.

An overview of the white on white tablescape.

Back to the flowers -- so when we look again -- we're at a whole new tablescape! (Just like the movies huh?)

Kathleen said for this week's part II - we should add another color -- so here we are approaching a black and white tablescape.

A corner view.

I changed the silver tray for a silver picture frame with black and white paper.

I added a bird's nest ...

and brought out my little black sparrows.

I think this is a better look at the birds.

Close up of a placesetting. My white dinner plates with black toile salad plates, target flatware, clearance corkbacked placemats from Marshalls, my wedding pewter goblets and white coffee cups. Do you take your coffee black? (Sorry I couldn't resist.) What an eclectic collection!

A closer look at the plates -- I had the hardest time choosing between these plates and another set of black and white transferware. I've seen them in some other tablescapes -- really pretty with a haywagon on them -- I knew I couldn't get both - so I finally chose these.

Love those Marshall's prices!

One picture has to turn sideways every time!

We're down to a white plate on the black placemat.

I thought the "stitch" look on this placemat was the perfect complement to ---

the hem of this Irish linen tablecloth.

An overview of the black and white tablescape.

I took the napkins out of the goblets and added white napkin rings and placed them on the plates.

Close up of the napkins from Tuesday Morning.

Then I moved them to the side. For some reason I just kept fiddling with this tablescape.

Another close look at the napkin -- the pattern is really pretty, but I'm not sure I'm loving the silky feel.

One last look at black & white. These two tablescapes have very different effects -- which one is more your "style"? I think white on white, would remind me of a wedding or bridesmaid's luncheon, perhaps a special anniversary or baptism celebration. The black and white might be a special dinner for friends before going to the theater -- or a concert.

Be sure to check out Cuisine Kathleen for the "Let There Be White II" tablescape. I can't wait!

And, since this is a double post, be sure to check out what's being "dished up" over at "Between Naps On The Porch" for Tablescape Thursday!

See ya!


  1. Oh, I wouldn't be able to choose a favorite. I LOVE them both. The white on white is gorgeous with the fabulous placemats and all the other pretty accessories. The black and white is lovely too. The paisley napkins and the placemats add such a wonderful texture to the table. Just lovely. Hugs, Marty

  2. Girl I could not choose...I loved both of them...Beautiful job on each one my friend,,,Hope you have a great week...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Hi Martha! I love all of your white. I'm back to answer your question about the food. That was a fish soup Mr. Precious ordered. It has a name, but I can't think what it is for the life of me. It's more fish than liquid. I'm rather picky about the fish I eat and just can't eat something like that. :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Wow, two beautiful tablescapes! I love them both and it would be hard to say which one is my favorite. I love seeing the hydrangeas in both. I don't have much luck growing those either. I bought mine at Trader Joe's. I love your etched glasses and all the pretty linens.

  5. Both of your tablescapes are beautiful! I love the heirloom glasses and beautiful antique touches in the first one but the second one is very striking against the black. The little black sparrows are charming!


  6. Oh wow Martha...both tables are just so beautiful & stylish but the first one is my favorite. I love the linens (be still my heart) & I love the contrast of the white w/ the dark wood it!

  7. Martha! I love them both. You have some wonderful heirloom pieces that are just fabulous. The napkins you found are so pretty. I really like the stemware and the silverware. Lovely, lovely!!

  8. I haven't been on the computer much in the last few weeks. I missed joining this party. I love your linens. They really make the tablescape.

  9. Both tables are beautiful! I especially love the etched glassware. What a treasure.

  10. Hello Martha...

    Ohhh myyy...Girl, I'm impressed!!! Two fabulous tablescapes!!! I do believe you should get the "Queen of Tablescapes" award today! I have trouble getting just one little tablescape together...hehe!

    Well my friend, each tablescape is really spectacular...I couldn't choose a favorite! I loved the beautiful linens on the first table!!! They're fabulous!!! Where did you find those beautiful "petticoat" placemats...I love those? I love the pretty black and white salad plates on the second tablescape...ahhhh, black and white...just so stunning!!! I really enjoyed both have really outdone yourself, Girlfriend!!! Thank you for sharing them with us today!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  11. Martha, I love your white tablescape with the antique linens. Lucky you to have found them!

  12. That was fun, Martha! I don't know what I would pick! It is all lovely and the presentation was super..
    I love those heirloom napkins, and I must scroll back to find out about those place mats..they are so pretty..
    Loved it all, and thanks for coming to the party!
    Part III??? :)

  13. What beautiful tables!!! I think I'm partial to the all white. I love your time honored napkins, placemats, crystal and silver. The are so elegant. The new napkins in the second are fun, but I know what you mean about the fabric. The "Mr."s seem to be particularly displeased with slippery napkins. But there are times I can't help myself either. They were both beautiful and that 5th leg table is amazing!
    - The Tablescaper

  14. You certainly made up for missing the first, BOTH tables are gorgeous! Just lovely!

  15. Wow, you went all out! I also own those same slippery napkins, and I'm not sure I care for the feel of them either. But they are pretty in a tablescape :-) I am still trying to "fish" around for information my fish plates. Thanks for stopping by! See you at the White Event III.

  16. These are both such pretty tablescapes. I love your husband's grandmother's crystal - so delicate and pretty. Those black and white plates are fabulous, and what a bargain. Your silver from your m-i-l is so pretty. I think the framed fabric in the center of the table is very clever, and I may have to borrow that idea. laurie

  17. Oh they are both a site for sore eyes, but I think I'm partial to the white on white. It's so clean and crisp and looks fabulous. The only thing I hate about it is that my guests usually spin stuff before the night's over and sometimes red wine is hard to remove - so I guess you're right. . . white wine with the white linens.
    Happy Twirls

  18. I love your husband's GrandMother's glasses...
    What a beautiful table

  19. You did two beautiful tablescapes and I just cannot choose which one I like the best. Just can't do it, I could see myself enjoying a meal at either. I did like the white napkins used in the all white tablescape the silver and stemware. Then I really like the pattern on the black and white plates.

  20. You have some absolutely gorgeous white linens. I think the white on white is my favorite because of all the pretty linens.

  21. Wow! Two for the price of one! They are both just gorgeous!! I like both, but I think the all white is my favorite, I love all the antiquey things from your MIL, and the petticoat place mats!


  22. I love the all white's stunning.The old oak table is gorgeous with it's spindle legs....But I do like the black and white bird plates...very pretty..

  23. I love the white, the linens, the coffee butler! The birds! The table is beautiful!

  24. So pretty! I've admired those black and white plates at Marshall's, too!

  25. your dining table! The carved legs are so wonderful! Also the little black sparrow are precious!

  26. Oh please, oh please, Martha...don't mix them like that. My little pea brain cannot cope with all that loveliness! Are they both held on the same day? Heaven forbid! Do one one week and the other the next...but...I'm just all undone here trying to soak it all up! :):)
    Do I have to choose? I can't you know! Nope...
    I'm going to just sit here and rock and cry for the stress of it all!!
    Hugs to you my sweet and creative friend!

  27. Well how did I miss the "Let there be white" theme? Yours is just gorgeous. You certainly have some lovely family heirlooms. Lucky you! Oh, and I also must say I love the black and white with those yummy bird dishes. This was so fun to see!


  28. I really enjoyed seeing both of your tablescapes. Both tables are lovely. Thanks for sharing.
    Sarah @

  29. Oooh Fetzer. I like that wine. Good choice.
    I like the subtle differences and your attention to detail. From the placemats to the hem on the table cloth. Very nice.

  30. Love both of the tablesettings, but the white on white stole my heart. It's so crisp and pristine. Your photographs are beautiful.

  31. Gorgeous table, it reminds me of a French bistro. So very inviting!

  32. There's so many things here I'm in love with I'm afraid I'll forget something! First, love all your birds! Those delicate napkins are to die for. As are your silver and stemware. Of my goodness, you have such elegant gorgeous things! Lovely tablescapes!

  33. so pretty...and it goes well with your background on the blog.


  34. I don't believe I've seen a prettier table in quite sometime. This is just rich and elegant. Your lace is superb.. I love your all white table.. and your blossoms are the crowning touch.. Beautiful !!! hugs ~lynne~

  35. In the first one I like the contrast of the white with the wood tones.

    But I really like the black and white of the second one. AND the bird nest ;-)

    ps. I have several blogs--the one for my tablescape is the spindle cottage one;

  36. The table setting is lovely.
    So very crisp and pretty.
    Glad I stopped by to see this.

  37. It's a two-fer! Love them both. I really like the antique white lace and embroidery pieces.


  38. Since you did two, I had to come back twice.
    They are both so pretty!
    What, no roosters for Fri?

  39. Love the "presto change-o" effect of going from the all white to the black and white! They are both fantastic in their own right. You summed up perfectly how each one would be better for certain occasions. I like the choice of adding black as your "one other colour" for Kathleen's meme, it is so dramatic!


  40. just lovely! I love black and white and I love toile but I may would have to go with the aviary salad plates. Love that MIL gave you silverware and think that is a great idea for a treasure to gift.

  41. Martha...what gorgeous table settings! I LOVE the light dancing across your table in your pics...just beautiful! The antique napkins stole my heart!

  42. These are very pretty the black and white, two of my favorites. The white detail in the first table is so fresh and love the white hydrangeas. Well done!
    ps...thanks for visiting me.

  43. Oh! Martha,
    What can I say wow & double wow!
    I love both of your tablescapes, how creative you are.
    The picture frame under the vase of flowers is so effective, how did you think of that?
    Thanks you for finding the time to visit Normandy, I hope you'll call around again soon.
    a bientot,
    Maggie & Normandy Life

  44. Just gorgeous! I love those black & white plates, while the others are nice too, I think you made the right choice! :D Jewel

  45. What pretty table settings, Martha! I'm new to both blogging & the whole Tablescape Thursday thing but I am a dishaholic so this is such fun for me to see!
    Very creative idea to use various papers inside the picture frame as a base for your centerpieces. May I *benchmark* this idea? (that means copy in military terms) LOL
    I hope to be able to participate in next week's tablescape but I think I should start setting it NOW!

    Please tell me a little about your coffee butler? I recently saw one at Goodwill for $20 & almost bought it. Now I'm sorry I didn't. I may have to go back. Do you really use it to serve coffee & does it keep it warm with just the tea light beneath?

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