Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nana in Atlanta comes home

I'm back from my week in Atlanta playing with my oldest (Stella Grace) and newest (Molly Rose) grandgirls. What a fun and exhausting week!

Stella Grace is three and has plenty of smiles for Nana. She knows how to put some fun in everyday.

First you read lots and lots of books. Nana reads some to you and you read some to Nana.

You take your naps with a mermaid.

While you're outside, you practice all your dance moves.

So you can still be dancing late into the night.

Take an afternoon tea break.

It's "most delicous!"

You make sure you're looking cool in your shades as you drive your fancy car.

And when you're three you understand why wearing sunglasses "helps you to see the T.V. better."

You sometimes have to share Daddy's lap with your baby sister Molly Rose.

Molly looking cute in her bib.

The first thing Stella Grace does each morning is check on Molly Rose.

Looking sweet in her Big Sister shirt.

Molly in her Little Sister shirt.

Two sweet sisters ready to take Nana to the airport after a week of fun. Just in time for...

A very special party! Kendall and Keelyn's first Birthday party!

Opening presents is fun! Tearing the paper and tasting the cards!

We love our farm toy.

The guests of honor with their parents and 6 of their great grandparents. How special is that?

Keelyn says "Bring on the cake!"

Kendall says, "Cake? Did she say Cake?"

Mom and Dad get into the act.

This is good! Why didn't anybody tell us about this yummy stuff? Who needs those old spinach and carrots?

Birthdays are fun -- can we do this everyday?

Nana's tired and ready for bed now. What a fun and special week with all her grandgirls!

See ya!


  1. Oh Girl this just melted my old heart...your grand daughtes are all just to darling...I know what you mean about being tired I just got back from Texas seeing my 3 great grands...I was wore out but in a wonderful warm way...Get some rest grandma ha ha!!! May you have a great week my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Hi Martha! Oh, I've missed you! Look at all the little darling ones! How precious! I'm surprised you even came home! Those little girls are precious and I love their names! The twins are just adorable! Oh, I'll bet you were hugging and kissing little faces! I know I would be!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Cute, cute pics! :-) What a fun week you must have had!

  4. How cute is Stella w/ her dance moves? And it's amazing how much she & Molly look alike!

    You asked where you could find antique sheet music...eBay! I sometimes score huge lots for $10 or so, & since it's media, shipping is cheap. Go get you's great for all kinds of projects.

  5. They are all just so adorable Martha. your heart must be so filled with such love. Has anyone ever told you that Stella Grace looks so much like you? I love the great grandparents photo. What a special gathering it was!


  6. They are all so precious!!! I know you had a wonderful time! Love the picture with the great-grandparents--so very SPECIAL!!!