Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall in Virginia

I love Autumn in Virginia -- I think it's our must beautiful season. That's why my wanting to hang on to Summer so long this year was very unusual for me.

When the leaves first start to change we mostly see the yellows come out.

Then the reds and oranges will begin to appear.

I love the colors when some trees are still green. The mixture is truly beautiful.

The leaves on the Dogwood tree in our front yard can't seem to decide what color to be --- so it decided to try them all!

Look at the dark red of this maple tree in our neighborhood. Isn't it breathtaking?

We've had so much rain and some trees have already lost most of their leaves -- this one looks like red lace. And then others still are full of green leaves.

I love the blaze orange the best! These trees look like they're on fire.

When the rain stopped I was able to make a few Fall changes. I put out my little black cat flag for Halloween.

I planted some pansies. These were still drooping from the rain.

These are called "Jet Black" -- actually they're really really dark purple -- but they do look black!

Fall mums and kale plants for the porch.

I planted the kale in my urns on the porch - so I put out my jack-o-lantern buckets in their place -- I'll try to get a picture of these at night "glowing". The kale will last a long time on my porch -- sometimes, if our hard freezes don't come early - they'll look good into January -- and if our winter is particularly mild, I've had them last all winter long. (those are the kind of winter's I like!)

My porch pumpkins -- I've had these for a long time -- since my kids were little -- once Halloween is over, I just turn the jack-o-lantern around and leave them out until after Thanksgiving.

A close up of my pumpkins and kale. I'm hoping to be back later with more fall pictures and decorating. How are things looking in your neighborhood?

See ya!


  1. I love fall, too...I can't imagine living somewhere that doesn't have such a change in the seasons, can you?

  2. Beautiful tres, Martha! And I love your very welcoming entry!...Christine

  3. Hi Martha! Virginia is Beautiful in the fall! Love your photos... My daughter-in-law is from Keysville virginia, a tiny little berg. Have a lovely evening, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. Martha, these photos of the trees are gorgeous! I love the mums, kale, and pumpkins on your front porch. It looks so inviting. I got my cute "bottle light" and all my other goodies. What fun that was. I love M.E., so those were perfect for me, and the little H'ween tissues and candle are so great! I just included them in the post I did. Thank you so much for your sweet note too. laurie

  5. The trees are just gorgeous. We sure don't see much of that in the desert, but I love to look at them. Just breathtaking. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures, they really are stunning. Your pumpkins, mums,kale and the cute cat are just glorious. Really looks like fall. Hugs, Marty

  6. All this fall color is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing the photos of these colorful trees and plants.

  7. I love the kale, I need to have some of that next year. The trees look so pretty. We are going to road trip this week and look at leaves (and rain I think).


  8. What groegous photographs, sweet friend! Thanks for sharing those!

  9. Oh my goodness - these photos are absolutely gorgeous. I love the glorious fall colors.

    Thank you for your kind words on my quilt. I appreciate them.

  10. Hi Martha! I'm so envious of your beautiful Fallness of color! Your pictures are so pretty! Wish we could have some of that here, but we're just too tropical! :( Your mums and fall decorating at your home is so lovely!
    Yes, I had my peach tea at hand! Thanks for popping in - I always love your visits.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. I always plant some Jet Black pansies. I like to mix them with the creamy white ones. They look fabulous together. But it has to be the creamy white and not the bright white.

  12. I love all your fall colors! Things are beginning to change here too!!! :D Jewel

  13. Aren't we so fortunate to witness this explosion of color! I just spent a month in Texas where my father was hospitalized and was asking my brother if he misses the seasons. I was hoping to be back in time for it. I asked, "how do you live here without the seasons...what's it like". He answered, "the leaves just fall altogether and just die". Uggh!! I could never do without our seasons. Thanks for your kind words about My Papa and visiting. Please stop in again soon!

  14. I just saw your beautiful fall colors and your beautiful decor!! We are finally getting the really vivid color as the leaves are just about gone. I love it, though! This is my favorite time of year!

  15. As clever as your tablescaping is, I'm loving the autumnal colors of your neighborhood!! I love that maple tree - it almost looks like it's on fire! Beautiful -