Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tablescape Thursday - A Friendly Halloween Table

I love Tablescape Thursdays.....don't you? I'm always amazed at the wonderful tablescapes I get to view each week -- from the very formal china settings to informal snack trays -- and I love them all! Tablescaping is quite an art form and I love "playing" along -- so much so, that I usually really jump the gun and post on Wednesday morning.

I set this tablescape with my grandgirls in mind. I want to start a tradition of a fun Halloween supper with them -- whenever the schedule allows (close to the big day!) So I've been playing with the dishes to find a fun and friendly tablescape. Here we are approaching the table. You can see how sheer that orange checked tablecloth is - it would probably show up better if I had a cloth underneath.

Our friendly Halloween scarecrow bids you welcome to our table.

Looks like our scarecrow is so friendly that he's even made friends with the crows! Scarecrow came from Marshalls, Crows from Dollar Tree.

Our grinning boo kitty came from CVS.

Do you get the feeling that you're being watched?

Here's a close up of a placesetting.

I just got seven of these glasses at GoodWill for $6.25 -- I really like them and I know you were getting tired of my other everyday Libby glasses. My paper napkins came from Kroger.

My cloth "napkins" are dish towels from Target and the "napkin rings" are pony tail bands also from Target -- the $1 bins. What would Halloween be without black cats....

....and candy corn....

...and smiling jack-o-lanterns.

The twins get matching pumpkin plates. The placemats are my black and white checked cloth napkins.

I set out two juice glasses for the girls, but they'll bring their favorite sippy cups -- little paper napkins for them --- I guess it's never too early to start on the two napkin rule.

Did you know that vampire bats could look friendly?

A faux "carved" pumpkin from a local craft store. Bewitching!

And yet another black kitty! They're really out tonight!

I found this fall "china" at Kroger.

You remember my "trick" I picked up from Laurie of "Bargain Hunting and Chatting With Laurie" don't you? A clear glass plate layered over....

...whatever paper plate you like! Now isn't that the best of "treats"? I thought this design was really pretty for Fall. It's a Hallmark design.

An overview of my Halloween table from a bat's eye view.

Overview of the centerpiece. Like my "fancy" Ball jar candle holders? A switch of ribbon and they're ready for any season or casual occasion.

And as the lights dim ...

...and the bats take flight...

...and the jack-o-lanterns grin...

....our happy little scarecrow wishes you a "Happy Halloween" from the pumpkin patch!

Be sure to visit Susan at "Between Naps On The Porch" -- you're sure to find a tablesetting that delights and inspires you!

See ya!


  1. Martha-You got an early start! The girls will love this! I love the little vampire bat--so cute! The black and white check is perfect. You always make me laugh with the 2-napkin rule :) Great table!

  2. This is just adoreable. I love it and the girls will just think this is so much fun. Your centerpiece is so cute. Love the scarecrow and all the pumpkins, crows and the bat. Too cute. Such a fun table. Hugs, Marty

  3. Everyone is right! Your little girls are going to love this. It's all so festive and perfect for the season. Very fun loving. Great job!
    I have to get a post ready for TT Thurs. too. It's great fun, isn't it??


  4. What a fun table, your girls will love their Halloween dinner. I'm always tempted to post early too - photos are ready, I'll probably join you soon :-)

  5. Martha,
    Your table is just too cute, the little ones will love it and remember it for a long time. I loved all the little details you added, just perfect.

  6. Hi Martha,
    I love the black and white check with the orange, the clever idea with your napkins and holders and all the awesome decor! Cindy

  7. What a great table, I'll be back later to go over it with a fine tooth comb to get ideas.
    Just had to come by to thank you for the comment on my blog today. You cracked me Best commet of the day.

  8. Martha, I like what you did with the layered cloths. Really neat. The faux pumpkins are a nice touch as well as the candles. There's just something so enchanting about candle light, especially at Harvest time and Halloween time.
    Liked visiting today,

  9. This is so cute. I love the faux carved pumpkins, the napkins, the centerpiece and the grinning jack-o-lantern plates. The girls will love it.

  10. Very cute tablescape. I love it all.

    I have that same scarecrow... and his two companions. I think I will have to put them in my next post.

    The dollar bin ponytail bands make a GREAT napkin ring. I'm running right out to Target!

    Come visit me... I have a Halloween giveaway happening.

  11. How cute is this! Love the orange and black and what a cute centerpiece. Love the little towel/napkins from Target $1 bin (they always have the cutest stuff)! Cute, cute, cute!

  12. I do love the tablescapes. I find that it has kicked me back into gear with entertaining or at least thinking about it. Plus, I'm digging out dishes I haven't used in years.

    Your table will be so fun for the young ones. It is spooky in a happy way, not scary. They will love it.


  13. Great table! I love all the special details you put in. Your grandkids will love it! I love the Laurie trick also!!! :D Jewel

  14. Martha, your table is full of fun and whimsy. I love it.

    Barb ♥

  15. What a cool & NON-frightening Halloween table for your granddaughters! At first I thought your towel "napkins" were little gift bags. They look so cute!
    I hope I can remember to do something like that next time. I swear, I should keep a notebook handy for all the great ideas posted on TT!!

    Thanks for sharing yours!

    ♥ Rettabug

  16. I just love your table, and I am sure your grands will too.
    How cute is the scarecrow, and all the little details.
    Enjoy it with them..time flies...
    I did mine for them, but they will just have to look at it on the puter..they don't live near by..

  17. Very fall tablescape. I love all the little details. That scarecrow is adorable and I love all the details on this table. You put them together beautifully. Very non-frightening and child friendly!

  18. This is just adorable and I like the paperplate under glass plate! There are sooo many cute paper products out there. I love your term "grandgirls".

  19. I just love the scarecrow--he is so happy. My dollar tree didn"t have the crows and I so love them! I did buy some clear plates (3 to start) because of this idea you gave before.The other thing I like about the clear plates is if I have something cool on the table you can see right through them.

    Hey, what is the 2 napking rule..I need to know!

    YOur family should love this!!

  20. So cute Martha ! You really know how to do it all - great job !

  21. I love that scarecrow! What a fun table you have created for your grandchildren. I also love the way that the table looks so different at night-a whole new ambience.
    Best wishes, NM.
    PS Thanks for coming to visit at my blog. Nice to "meet" you!

  22. That is just the sweetest table. I know they will love it. I like the paper plate tip.

  23. I love how you used pony tail holders from the $1. section at Target for napkin rings....That's what I love about Tablecape Thursday...all the great creative idea that all you ladies come up with....

  24. So cute...I am crazy about those little towels, especially the candy corn one!!!

    Great job with your tablescape :-)

  25. I know I was by earlier but I just had to come back and look again. Your black & white napkin ~ mats are so darn cute. I need to get some checked napkins one of these days.
    Happy TT.

  26. Love the idea of the glass plates over the paper. Thanks for stopping by and visitng my table. Have a great day!

  27. What an adorable and friendly tablescape! Your girls will LOVE it. I love the glass plate over paper plate idea. It sure opens the door for so many new "china" patterns.

    What is your 2 napkin rule? Sounds interesting.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  28. Gingham is the perfect touch here! I love the pumpkin with the witch flying. The glasses remind me of old-fashioned ice cream sundaes. I'd love to find some glasses like that. Very pretty and fun tablescape!

  29. Who wouldn't love this table it has so many elements of surprise! Great job. Come visit and join my first gieaway!

  30. What a fun tradition to start. The table is fabulous with so many fun and friendly Halloween details.


  31. Oh thanks for answering the question on the 2 napkin rule...I thought it was something like that!! I don't think it is silly!

  32. They must just love this!! It is too cute, and how did you think of using pony tail bands?? I'm going to steal that one!!

  33. Oh, what a fun, happy table...your grandgirls are going to love it. Cute scarecrow centerpiece.

  34. So creative! The Halloween decor is fantastic and I love the clear plate trick! The food in your second post looks really good, too ... and I think the cheeseball looks just like a pumpkin! Thanks for stopping by to visit with me. We sure love our tablescaping, don't we?!

  35. You did such a good job- it just looks great.


  36. Your table is so cute. You really have the whole Halloween theme going on! Just darling!


    P.S. your blog is darling too! :)

  37. Martha, this is so cute. I love those dishtowels you used for napkins, and what a great idea to use a pony tail holder for a napkin ring! Your scarecrow (who isn't scaring crows) is adorable, and your new stemware is so pretty. I'm so glad you liked the idea of the glass plate over paper, and thanks so much for mentioning me. laurie

  38. That's a fun looking table. I love the scarecrow. Too cute. Have a great week...Sherri : )

  39. Hi Martha! Just passing through again, as I love to see all the beautiful table settings every Thursday! I'm still hoping to join in on the fun, after I finish moving into my new home, and feel at least a little settled in and ready to!.. I LOVE your table today, and I all your holiday spirit too! First of all, I ADORE ginghams and checks! Your scarecrow centerpiece won my heart too! I'm feeling a little un-cultured/educated as to the "two napkin rule?? I don't think my mother ever taught me that one, and I'm wondering if I should have taught my OWN kids! LOL!! Whatever the case, I do love how you utilised towels for napkins.. Not only resourceful, but VERY CUTE!! Your girls will LOVE this, and bless your heart for putting the thought you did into this, just for them! Happy Tablescape Thursday to you!.. ~tina

  40. Glass over paper. You guys are brilliant. I am so going to look for clear glass plates.
    Your grandkids are going to have so much fun and I bet you are too.

  41. This is an adorable Halloween tablescape!
    So much fun Martha!

    ~Blessings, ~Melissa ;)