Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tablescape Thursday - Fall Fruits

Tablescape Thursday is one of my favorite blogging days -- It's such fun to be able to visit so many homes each week and see what you've set on your tables -- I've learned so much from so many of you!

Here's my Fruits of Fall Tablescape. I'm probably telling my age here - but I can rememeber as a child how the fruits were much more limited to the seasons than they are now. Fall was the season for apples, pears, plums and grapes. Unlike today, when you can find most fruits year round.

I've filled my grandmother's antique compote with faux fruits for my centerpiece. I'm also telling my age here as I recall the earlier wax faux fruits my mother and grandmothers had in the 50's -- Certainly they didn't have the realistic look we enjoy now. Do you remember those too?

My tablecloth is filled with the fruits of fall -- apples, pears, plums and grapes. I got this cloth at Garden Ridge a long time ago.

Here's a closer view of our place setting.

Water glasses hold my fruit covered paper napkins.

These little apple bowls were my grandmother's -- perfect for the waldorf salads she made for Thanksgiving each year. I've used them often for fruit salads, but today, they'll be serving dessert - A nice hot apple cobbler topped with vanilla ice-cream.

You can see the fruit that's embossed on this clear glass salad bowl. I like glass plates and bowls because they coordinate with any color scheme. Since I have several patterns and textures on my table this week, I wanted a more subtle look for the dishes. These glass ones coordinate with the theme and blend well with this table. Now let's do the tabletop strip tease ....

Under the salad bowl I have a small mushroom colored plate. I got these a few weeks ago from Tuesday Morning -- they'd been marked down to $1.99 each.

New plaid napkins from The Yankee Candle shop. The colors are the same as on the tablecloth.

The charger/dinner plates are the same fruit embossed pattern as the bowls -- I got these at Garden Ridge about 10 years ago. The bowls I just found a week ago at GoodWill.

These woven placemates were a recent thrift/antique store find. I'm not sure what the design is flower? fruit? vegetable? - but the colors are also in the tablecloth -- you can't really see the pattern until you're down to the last dish.

My bamboo flatwear came from Marshall's this past spring.

An overview of the table (sideways).

Overview of the centerpiece.

Afternoon shadows cast upon our fruited table.

A final look at our table as the sun sets.

Be sure to visit all the other tablescapes set this week over at "Between Naps On the Porch" - hosted every week by Susan who is such an inspiration to each of us to have a pretty table week after week and season after season. Thanks Susan!

See ya!

P.S. This is my 99th post! So be looking for #100 -- maybe you'll see something "interesting".


  1. Great table, beautiful fall colors. I enjoyed seeing your Grandmothers dishes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Morning, Martha! Oh, your table is just so lovely! We're kindred spirits - I remember all of that waxy faux fruit. My mother had it too. It's really come a long way, hasn't it? Your table cloth is perfect and I love your flatware. I have some that's a dark brown but I'm loving the color of your handles. Those little clear plates are wonderful - I'm sure you could use these with many tablescapes.
    Good job, friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Martha, you always surprise me every week with the way you put your tablescape together. Those placematts are so unique and to die for.
    All the glassware and how precious it must mean to you to use what your mother and grandmother has passed down. I have the bamboo flatware too from Horchow. I love them but I haven't used them much lately. Your table is so lovely and how you tied the napkin in with the tablecloth.

  4. Love the woven placemats with the cross stitch design. I think they are rose buds, so no wonder you were attracted to them. I have plaid napkins much like the ones you are using.

    Very pretty.

  5. I love the pretty colors of all the fruit in the centerpiece and in the tablecloth. Your dishes are just lovely, and the placemats are gorgeous. Everything is so beautifully done. Hugs, Marty

  6. I'm loving that compote with the fruit. Those placemats are so unique.

  7. What a cute "Fall-y" table! I love the plaid napkins w/ the tablecloth too. And those placemats are so unique - I love stuff like that. I was looking through your great finds from your recent shopping trip at the Ragged Robin. I LOVE the chargers that you found! I just adore a unique shop like that.

  8. Very pretty table, Miss Martha. I think it's so cool that you have such pretty things that belonged to your grandmother. That is a gorgeous tablecloth, and I love how your centerpiece picks up the fruit theme. Also love your silverware!

  9. Martha, you've done it again! I well remember the wax fruit you're referring to. LOL
    Your placemats are really different & I admire your thoughtful composition in everything you do.

  10. Hi Martha! Hey I love your dishes. And I really like the plaid with the fruit tablecloth. It gives it such an extra punch...but I love them together. Your table is beautiful, everything you placed is perfect. Hope your Tablescape day is wonderful!

  11. Lovely tablescape! Your new blog design is beautiful! Congratulations! You have some nice gifts there!


  12. Lovely table. The colors are perfect for fall. I love the fruit. Very nice. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Martha, I love how you used your grandmother's compote dish as a centerpiece. How sweet! I love all your finds!

  14. Martha, what interesting placemats. I love the texture of the woven reeds with the textile. Great find! Your table is lovely and even more so with the light playing across it. Enjoyed your photos. ~ Sarah

  15. What a neat table. I really like the way you've set things up and especially those unique place mats. Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. I don't care what anyone says, I love love the bowl with the fruit I think it will always be in and so fresh and beautiful. I also love the glass dishes with the fruit motif...thanks for sharing...

  17. Martha, your table is charming. So soothing and beautiful!

    Barb ♥

  18. Martha, what a wonderful table! Strip tease...hilarious!

  19. Love your fruit-y tablescape! That is a very pretty compote filled with the faux fruit. I do remember the wax-type fruit my husband's grandmother had on her coffee table...very FAUX looking!


  20. Love the table ... and don't pretend to be old! My husband talks about the big stalks of bananas that used to come off the barges on the Mississippi River ... into our grocery stores in southern Illinois! They came complete with the taranchula spiders ... all the way from Central America! Thanks for visiting me!

  21. Very pretty and I remember the wax fruit. My Great aunt had some in her library. My bro and I were looking at it and we thought it was real! I tried taking a bite and it left my teeth mark in it and I simply turned it around so you couldn't see it. I have often wondered if she ever found it and wondered about the teeth mark!!

    My mom used to have some of those apple plates.

  22. What a bountiful harvest you have set before us with your fuit theme! Very nice.

  23. Oh what a lovely tablescape! Very cute and inviting! Stop by for a visit soon!

  24. Love the darling apple plates and the clear fruit embossed ones too. And yes, I remember the wax fruits of our childhood. Oh, dear, my age is showing too! Have a happy day and visit me for my 100th post coming soon.

  25. So pretty. I really like those cross-stiched place mats.
    Happy TT.

  26. Love the fruited table! And would yuou believe, I have those same fruit-embossed glass plates... but don't know where they are? They seem to have gone AWOL when we moved to That Old House!

    Now I've got to find them. . . .

    Lovely table -- and i remember seasonal fruits and waxed fruits, too. My age is showing too!

  27. Hello Martha! I love your Fruits of Fall themed table. Very nice. Your blog presentation is so darn pretty. Love the flowers on the vines along the sides and the header.
    You asked about Beatles Rock family really likes it. We will probably add a third microphone and stuff to do more harmony.

  28. Love the flatware Martha! Beautiful fall table.

    Dee Dee

  29. I will admit that your lovely table brought back memories for me too. I remember when my grandmother had a bowl of wax fruit on her table. I have a few items that belonged to my grandmothers. I may have to unpack them for a table one of these days.


  30. Really pretty table. Love all the different colors of the fruit. The little apple plates are just darling. Thanks for sharing.

  31. What a lovely tablescape. The colors are wonderful. Thanks so much for coming & congratulations on your 100th post.


  32. Hi Martha,
    Wonderful table! I really like the colors you've used, and your "afternoon shadows" photo is just beautiful!

    I noticed you've posted your 100th ... congratulations!


  33. How pretty! Those napkins are fabulous and the mats from the thrift shop are so unique..
    Great job!

  34. I love your fall fruit tablescape...especially the woven placemats! All very pretty!

  35. Hello Martha~ A celebration of a pretty new look
    and 100 posts...Congratulations!!
    This fruited tablescape pairs so well with the wine and appetizers. The lighted wine bottles really add to this lovely Fall ambiance.

    Sweet wishes,