Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween at Nana's

Since the grandgirls were coming for their Halloween dinner, I decided to make my table a little less scary. The witch flew off for her big night on the town and left the friendly Jack-o-lantern. Glad to see that my garden frog didn't get boiled up in her caldron this year.

The girls awaiting their supper.

Kendall has a pretty little smile for Nana.

Keelyn looks a little mischevious -- in fact Keelyn always looks a little mischevious!

I knew that they'd been cutting teeth -- but check out those fangs!

Girls all ready for trick or treating. Cute little devils!

The pails are lit for the evening.

I couldn't get a good picture in the dark -- but they were cute all aglow.

A few goblins hanging around my kitchen.

More halloween kitchen towels

This is my favorite with the trick or treaters -- a friend gave this to me years ago -- they make me smile every year.

Spunky's on the look out for Halloween guests!

Wishing you a very Happy Halloween from our house to yours!

See ya!


  1. Oh how cute! I had to show my husband those pacifiers. Happy Halloween!

  2. Hi Martha!Oh, the girls are just so cute and they are really growing. I'm supposing those fangs are pacifiers? That was pretty thoughtful of you to take away the scary! :) Love all your decorations. I'm sure you'll all have a wonderful time. We've already called it a night - ran out of candy! We probably had over a 100 kids!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Those pacifiers are hysterical! The girls are sooo cute! I bet you can't wait until they start wearing costumes for H'ween. Your decor looks great, and I LOVE that trick or treater towel. Looks like you had a great H'ween. laurie

  4. The girls are so cute and I love their names. I didn't even know they made pacifiers like that. Times have changed! Happy Halloween!


  5. How darned cute are they, wow, love the teeth...hehe so sweet, you must be so proud of them...

  6. So sweet. I just love your little cuties! How adorable!

  7. Everything is so cute, but the grandkids are the cutest! Those pacies are hoot!!! :D Jewel

  8. Oh my goodness they are too cute!!! Love the pacifiers!

  9. That black cat on the table is so cute, but even cuter are those babies. Those pacifiers are a hoot! I like those teatowels with the legs. Even Spunky looks like he enjoyed Halloween.

  10. what cute babies and I love your decorations!!!!

  11. Those are without a doubt the CUTEST pacifiers I have EVER seen!!! I had NO idea they even make something like that! A think I've seen the last of newborn grandbabies around here unless my stepdaughter suddenly has a change of heart,(or until we get around to the "greats" with the boys!), but when the time comes, I think those would be a lot of fun!