Monday, January 18, 2010

Bedtime Stories

I love to read, but it seems like the only time I have is at bedtime. There's almost nothing better than to crawl in bed with a cup of tea and a good book on a cold winter night.

Right now I'm reading "She Flew the Coop" by Michael Lee West - also known as Gollum over at "Designs By Gollum". I'm loving it just as much as I enjoyed "Crazy Ladies" and "Mad Girls in Love". When I got a little money at Christmas, I went straight to Amazon and purchased 5 "bedtime stories" -- 4 of them were Michael Lee's! She spins a great story. And she's writing a new book that's sure to be added to my reading list when it comes out. First though I'll be finishing up this one along with "American Pie", "Consuming Passions" and "Mermaids in the Basement".

I had heard that this was a great book as well -- some of you may have read Miss Janice review it on her blog last month. Well, it's a hoot! And this book's a long lasting keeper because.... has recipies! I'm cooking the Homemade Vegetable Soup for tonight's supper.

This is a picture when I put everything in my stock pot and it's simmering right now....if it tastes as good as it smells right now, it may appear on this week's "Foodie Friday" over at Gollums.

So what are you reading? Hope your bedtime story's a good one!

See ya!


  1. Hi Martha! Oh, that soup looks so good! I'm so tired and wish I had a big ole bowl full!! :)
    Don't you just love Michael Lee's books? I've read all these plus Mermaids in the Basement. She's a great writer isn't she?
    Thanks for popping in.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I used to read books - now I read blogs.
    I know it's "wrong" but I can't help myself. LOL

  3. I so enjoy Miss Janice's blog and have thought often about that book. It will be mine soon. That soup looks wonderful and hearty.

  4. I read when I get in bed too. I haven't read any of Michael's books...but, I certainly plan to. I also love books that have recipes that follow with the story. Thanks for info!


  5. I'm getting a head start tonight - my cup of tea and "The Help" are awaiting me in the den. Like you, I treasure my evening reading time in bed.

  6. such fun! They are certainly two of my favortie bloggers as well! So are you! Be well precious and enjoy your reading

  7. Your soup looks delicious! I am going to have to read some of her to read.

  8. There is nothing like a great bowl of soup on a cold day like today was.
    Thank you for your so sweet comment on my post. Martha, you NEVER fail to make me feel so good. :)
    I am in a rut book wise. I am rereading Grapes of Wrath AGAIN. I think I enjoy it after living in the Central Valley for six years. It's nice to read about a place you are so familiar with. Steinbeck's stories are wonderful. I am also starting Runaway Jury.

    If your soup turns out good please be sure and share your recipe. I am always up for a new soup recipe.

    LOTS of rain here today..and that pleases me.

  9. Some fascinating looking books there Martha! I may pick up a couple for myself!

  10. I must read one of Michael Lee West's books... hmmmm... I have a Barnes & Noble gift card... hope I can get one there!
    Thanks for reminding moi!

  11. I've read Michael Lee's books, and loved them, and I laughed all the way through Being Dead is No Excuse. You've got some great reading materials there. laurie

  12. Didn't you just love "Being Dead is No Excuse?" That book is so funny! All the books those ladies have written are hilarious:)