Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tablescape Thursday - Winter Blues

It's Tablescape Thursdays over at "Between Naps On the Porch" -- Susan is such a wonderful hostess week after week -- she has a "dish party" every week and like the wonderful hostess she is...she's introduced me to so many of you other dish lovers too-- I do so love being invited to your tables and having you over to mine each week. Who would have guessed how much fun this is.. A BIG THANK YOU Susan!

I titled this week's tablescape "Winter Blues" -- not to reflect my mood, but the beautiful blues that are reflected in a winter sky or an icy pond... a crisp blue that we find only in the wintertime. Welcome to the table.

Here's a closer look at the centerpiece -- no blues here. I was so glad that the sun was shining on Monday when I was off from work and I could get some daylight pictures.

Our table is set for two today. I'm so glad that you could join me.

Lately I've been gathering goblets and glasses of color. The blue water goblets were purchased recently from GoodWill -- I got a set of 6 for $4.25 and they're very heavy and sturdy. I couldn't find any signs of wear on them at all. The wine glasses were from Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago.

I was impressed with their slender delicate stems. I think they look pretty elegant on the table, especially for the price.

White battenburg lace napkins layered over ice blue damask napkins. I've had both for a number of years and they came from Garden Ridge. The white bow napkin rings were purchased from an antique store recently.

I thought they looked pretty layered.

How about a closer look at the dishes.

The salad bowls were purchased last summer from the Antique store. I picked up six.

They're substantial bowls, look at the thickness of the rim. I thought the pressed pattern in the glass was striking....especially in the sunlight.

The next dish layer is the salad plate. I purchased these from eBay last spring for my "Granny luncheon". I already had some pink dishes and wanted some pretty blue ones -- these were very inexpensive.

The china stamp on the back.

I thought the salad plates were so pretty that this fall I went back to eBay and purchased six dinner plates -- again very inexpensive -- less than $20. Neither set has much wear at all.

I loved the sparkle of the dishes with the silver rim. Flatwear came from Target -- I've almost got 12 place settings - minus 4 knives. But I think they've been discontinued now.

Snowflake tea light holders on top of antique depression glass saucers.

I found three snowflake tea light holders at GoodWill on Friday for $2.25. The label on the back says that they came from Crate and Barrel (and they even had the tea lights in them!)

I purchased these saucers last winter from an antique store. I used them on the table for a winter luncheon layered on top of mirror tiles with candles -- a very sparkling look.

The centerpiece is a small silver tray (GoodWill) with some ivy, a pot of paperwhites (a Christmas gift from my friend Jane), and a little sitting angel holding a heart (I purchased from eBay for an anniversary dinner last year for my Father-In-Law and my husbands step mother). Little snowflakes came from a thrift store after Christmas last year.

A full view of the centerpiece.

The Target birds are back on the table (thought maybe they'd flown south for the winter).

The two antique candlesticks are usually on my sideboard. These were my husband's grandmothers.

An overview of the table -- (I honestly did iron that tablecloth...really! It came from Target this past summer)

Overview of the centerpiece.

As evening falls the candles are lit.

A pretty mood is set.

Ring of lights around our angel.

Target mercury glass votives.

Notice how the glow outlines the snowflakes.

Farewell from our table of "Winter Blues".

To see more tablescapes and dishes of inspiration, be sure to visit "Between Naps On The Porch" -- there are tables awaiting your visit. Thanks so much for stopping by -- it's always a pleasure to have guests at my table.

See ya!


  1. Oh wow Martha...what can I say...I love every single picture....but the ones that caught my attention most were the Haviland china ones. I have service for twelve of the stuff. I bought it when I was a junior/senior in high school from Publix. I collected stamps and purchased the piece of the week. I love it...and have never bought any other. It is so soft and pretty...and when couple with crystal or silver...it is gorgeous.

  2. Love your pretty blue table and all the crystal is just stunning. The stems are gorgeous and so is the china. I love how it all sparkles with the candles lit. Well done. Hugs, Marty

  3. You are always such an early bird. I have out my dessert plates and barely an idea of what I'm going to put with them. It is my afternoon project.

    I love the layering of the napkins, clever. The blue does suit my mood...no sunshine here.

    Make sure you check out my blog today...giveaway...think dishes!

  4. Oh Martha, that candlelit picture is so pretty. What precious napkin rings, and those tea light snowflake holders are so great. Love all of the crystal and the pretty blue stemware. You have found some great bargains. Love the way you doubled the napkins - battenburg is just so elegant. Everything looks beautiful. laurie

  5. Martha,
    You have set a beautiful table to share!
    Luv this.
    Blue Garland dishes are a favorite of mine...I have some and have had them about 30 years.
    You got a steal on them!!!
    Lovely Tablescape Thursday.
    Hope you'll drop by my place.

  6. How clever to combine the snowflake candle holders with your depression glass saucers. Your depression glass is called Columbia; Federal Glass made it from 1938 to 1942. Nice pattern with a lot of looks.

    Love the blue tablecloth too. It looks great with your blue flowered china.

  7. You have captured winter -- that blue and the white -- lovely lovely table!

  8. Love those antique candlesticks and I really like the layering of the glass ware with the china. Also like the double napkin effect...very nice! I'm keeping my eye out for some blue goblets...Very pretty

  9. Love all the blues, so very pretty! nice centerpiece! You have great luck at GW! I can't find too much at ours :-(

    Great job!


  10. Hi Martha,
    Your table is lovely. I am always a fan of blue and crystal. Pretty, pretty.

  11. This is such a lovely and elegant table. I love the mixture of vintage depression pieces and all of the accessories. It makes it all so special.

  12. So beautiful, Martha! I especially like the centerpiece and your Haviland dinnerware is so charming. There is something about blue that is so calming...Christine

  13. What a pretty table! Love the blues and whites. Great thrift store finds... each piece adds to the table perfectly!
    Dee Dee

  14. Hi Martha!

    What a lovely table! It is so soft and pretty. I have been searching for colored glasses as well. they are getting harder and harder to get a good deal on. I love your blue glasses!

  15. I love this!! Blue and white together is a favorite combination of mine. I love the centerpiece and the crystal candleabra! So elegant and so calming! Those crystal salad bowls are a great find.

  16. It is all so beautiful, love the snowflake candle holders, love the large candleholders they are very very pretty......

  17. I love the Havilind china. Your centerpiece is so pretty. I can almost smell the paperwhites. I have three bulbs that aren't blooming yet.

  18. Your table is beautiful. I love the candlesticks and your centerpiece is wonderful.


  19. Your table is calming, relaxing and lovely. Have a great day!

  20. Oh, so icy and cool. I love how you did the napkins. I've wondered about new ways to do them. That's a clever idea.

  21. I love our centerpiece! You just can't go wrong with flowers and tea lights. This looks so pretty in candlelight. I think me two sister-in-laws have your exact china.

  22. Martha, I love your winter table setting, with all the crystal and a hint of blue. I especially like the beautiful candlesticks, very nice.

  23. Hi Martha! Your table is so pretty! I have those same dishes passed to me from my mother! There's that sweet little angel too! The blue and white just look so cool and wintry.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. Hi Martha! Love your table- you are right several of us did blues this Tablescape Thursday! If our dishes aren't the same pattern, they are very, very, very close. The stamp on the bottom of mine doesn't match yours, but it is the same company! Fun! I knew I had to have them as soon as I saw them!

  25. So pretty, I'm a big fan of blue and white. Your dishes and stemware are lovely! I love the paperwhites, what a nice present!

    Kat :)

  26. Very, very nice tablescape. You are right, the blue and white dishes are just lovely. I love your centerpiece too...paperwhites are so nice this time of year.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.


  27. I am continually surprised when you tell of your great GW and Dollar Store finds. Beautiful! And I love the powder blue with the white napkins and the tiny bow napkin rings.

  28. Hi Martha..hope you are holding up!
    The table is lovely..I love those sturdy blue glasses, and the china is just lovely!

  29. Very lovely blue and white table. I love the way you doubled the napkins and those napkin rings are so pretty. I wish I had a Goodwill store near me.


  30. Beautiful table, I love the blue napkins, you have some really great deals on your glasses. Wonderful centerpiece. Thanks for sharing and visiting.

  31. beautiful table! have those same blue glass's in the clear, I found my at The Ole Tyme Pottery, thanks for visiting my blog


  32. Your table is just beautiful. The blue glassware is fantastic.I so enjoyed peeking at everyone's tables. Thanks for stopping by my place. I will be following you now.
    Holly @ 504 Main

  33. This just sparkles with creativity and shines with hospitality,love this,so pretty.

  34. Jason, rocks I love his singing,you comment on my playlist that Jason went to high school with your son,that is just toooo cooool!love him.

  35. Thank you for sharing such a lovely table with us! I can't believe all the deals you get!!! I suppose I just need to get out there a little more to see what goodies I can find! Thanks again.....LOVE your winter blues!

  36. If you lived within 20 miles of me, we'd be best friends! I guess we'll have to settle for a long distance tea every now and then! I love this table and your creative use of reclaimed dishes! I'd love to go thriftin' with you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm saddened to hear about your FIL's passing - You will be in my prayers.

    If you get a break from family responsibilities, check out my Inspire Your Heart with Art contest - It might lift your spirits. HUGS, Noel http://bit.ly/7rTacu

  37. Martha...I love all the details in your tablescape...you always put so much thought and beauty into each table setting you create. That was a steal on your Haviland china...love that eBay! Darling napkin rings and the blue goblets are wonderful...great find on those! Your centerpiece is so sweet...perfect for your beautiful table setting. I just love the little angel...or is he a cupid...he would fit right in a Valentine's tablescape wouldn't he. :-) Those little Target birds look right at home in your centerpiece...I still remember when they went on holiday. ;-)

  38. I have two full sets of all the size dishes for service of 8. What would this full set be worth if sold all together? It even has little ash trays that go with the set. please email back to ivesdebbie@yahoo.com