Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Day At Nana's House Tablescape

It's "Tablescape Thursday" again -- the day we all get to bring our dishes on over to Susan's porch and have a dish party! I don't know about you....but after all the holiday tablescaping, coming up with something new for January was difficult. So I'm having a "pretend" snow day with my four grandgirls. I know it's "pretend" because two of them live in Georgia and they're not usually here during our hit or miss snow season.

Come to the table -- I've just taken some cookies out of the oven and made some hot cocoa for the girls. They've been out playing in the snow so I'll call them in to warm up a bit.

While they're getting their coats and boots off, take a look at the centerpiece. We have a clear glass cake stand, wrapped in my plaid scarf. I've sprinkled a dusting of Buffalo snow (from Target) and decorated with a snowy bottle brush tree and some vintage style past year Hallmark ornaments of children playing in the snow. I love their "olden" look. A few snowflakes are sprinkled around the table too. Here come my giggling grandgirls now....

....each place has a snowman plate with a different face, the "chargers" are my white Gibson plates.

I found these plates before Christmas at Cracker Barrel and they were already 25% off.

Each snowman has on a different hat....

...and a different plaid scarf.

The tall cocoa mugs were a gift last Christmas from one of my husband's co-workers. She got them from Kohl's.

The paper napkins were an after Christmas item from a grocery store -- mittens were 50 cents each at K-mart (they came two in a pkg. and were on sale). A different color for each girl.

A little cardinal has come to visit the snowman the girls built in the yard. I may have to get my good broom back to sweep up the snow they tracked in!

Keelyn thought it would be fun to turn her twin sister Kendall into a snowgirl!

Stella Grace decided to take her new American Girl doll she got for Christmas and go ice-skating on the neighborhood pond.

Molly hopped on "Papa-Daddy's" old sled and took Spunky for a downhill adventure.

This "runner" is a scarf I x-stitched years ago.

I thought these children playing with the snowman were really cute. Perfect now that I have grands!

A view of our snowy table from the top of the ski slope.

Hope you've enjoyed cookies and cocoa with the we're going to put on dry mittens and go make some snow angels!

Be sure to come in out of the cold and visit Susan's cozy tablescaping blog at "Between Naps On The Porch" -- Susan, thanks for inviting us in, week after week!

See ya!


  1. Martha, this was just a pleasure to read and the tablescape is precious.
    I could even hear those little girls rushing in from the cold, anticipating the hot chocolate & cookies.
    What a smashing Nana you are!

  2. Great make believe with your grandkids.
    Those plates I did see at Crackelbarrel and they are so cute. What really sets this table is the scarf and the little girl mittens. So cute.....

  3. Okay Mid Atlantic Martha, are you ready for the up North Martha's magazine spread? This tablescape couldn't be cuter. I enjoyed all the details and love you poured into this. It is just precious!


  4. What a positively darlin idea! This table is just adorable. Hoe the girls must have enjoyed. Thank you for sharing with us. Stay warm. Happy New Year!

  5. Martha...those are the cutest snowman plates I've ever laid eyes on..HAPPY, HAPPY... and the little pink mittens!!!!
    Have a great snow day...xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  6. Martha I love the little "grndkids" figurines. (BTW Your 2 that live in GA ar freezing here too.)
    Great tablescape.
    PS will you share your Shrimp Gumbo recipe?

  7. Oh I love your snow day tablescape-how creative! I really like the scarf that you x-stiched, and the pink mittens of course.

    I feel the same way about American Wife as you do-I picture Laura Bush as much too classy to have done some of the things that Alice has done in the book. I am about half way through. I will probably finish this weekend!

  8. Darn!
    Wish I hadn't packed away all my Snow Flakes with my Christmas things. I totally would have stolen that idea!!

    Your Blog always makes me smile.

  9. Great table, loved the center piece, very unique. Using the mittens was just tooo cute.
    Any child would love this table. Thanks for showing.

  10. Well That's just too cute! You 've put a great deal of effort into it and it's paid off1

  11. Oh, you were way to clever for this early in the year! I was glad I planned to do my "hotel" look because I was coming up empty on a new table setting. I love the mittens. This is just darling.


  12. Oh what fun this is! I love the theme!!

  13. So very sweet!!! I would have never thought of using scarves as tablerunners...great ideas!

  14. O...what a fun table...I love it. And the scarves...such a cool idea. Love it all!

  15. There is no better table for January than a snowman one! I love yours -- it is absolutely darling!

  16. Martha, What a sweet story and a darling table!
    The mittens on the table are ADORABLE! You talented lady- your crosstitched runner is beautiful. So well done!

  17. Martha, believe me, if you were in eastern Kansas you wouldn't have to pretend there was snow! I love your snowman table, the dishes are so cute! Your centerpiece is adorable, with all the little figures around the bottle brush tree. I can just see your little granddaughters sipping hot chocolate and eating cookies.

  18. How adorable is this? I love all the details - the scarves, the mittens, and especially the cute figurines! Cute, cute, cute!!!


  19. Your figurines are adorable. What a way to start the new year~ your tablescape looks fantastic.

  20. Martha-Your table is so cute and perfect for little girls! I love you runner and the scarf in the center is perfect!! We are expecting a little real snow here tonight!

  21. What a fun pretend table, Martha! I love your centerpiece!...Christine

  22. This is so adorable! I wish I lived closer to my lil' nieces...
    My girls are all grown up... but, I'll bet they'd still love to sit at a table this cute :D

  23. Just so precious! Love the carrot noses on those snowmen! Lovely table and so festive, thank you for sharing.

  24. How sweet is this cute tablescape for the girls! You thought of everything...very memorable!

  25. Love the tablescape! My first visit to your site!

  26. O Martha! I luv this.
    Thx for blessing us by sharing this cute, cute table.
    Your Grands are lucky girls to have a sweetie for a Grandma like you preparing sweets for them. Via internet is okay.
    Brightened my day seeing your table!
    d from homehaven

  27. This is such a cute little table! I love your snowman plates and the runner you've cross-stitched is just adorable. Perfect for a snow day! Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

  28. Martha~~~

    This is so absolutely darling. The grandkids must have been so impressed!! All for THEM!!! How sweet. I love the dishes and the tiny mittens next to each setting. I also love the runner you worked on, very nice!! Everything is so cute (snowmen are my thing!!). :-)

    Happy tablescaping!!


  29. Martha, this is an adorable table. The snowmen plates are so cute. I can almost hear your grandgirls squeal with delight. The table runner and your snowmen vignettes are the perfect touches to your table. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  30. Love your centerpiece. I never thought of putting snow in a plate. Great with the tree and snowmen.

  31. what a great nana!!! everything looks perfect for a snowy day.........

  32. This is just darling! I love it! Those plates are precious. I wish that I would have thought to go to CB before Christmas. Dang! I missed out on that one!!


  33. How cute. I love the table runner with the cross stitch.

  34. Martha, what a cute table setting - just right for your little granddaughters!!
    I can't wait for the day I can have tea parties with my grandies.

  35. That is so fun! I think we will come over:-)

  36. Martha, your plates are just the cutest. Perfect for your granddaughter, or even us grown ups.. hugs ~lynne~

  37. Love the mittens on the table! Very cute!!!!

  38. Hi Martha,
    Nice to meet you here in blogland. Thanks so much for leaving a comment about my tablescape,glad you enjoyed it. I loved your snow day table. It was adorable! I love snowmen and their cute lil faces, and it made me wish I would have left my out a lil longer,
    but since we live in Florida and it doesn't snow or usually get all that cold (this week has certainly been the acception) it somehow doesn't seem to be... how should I say appropriate! or maybe seems silly
    would be a better way to say it! Wish I would have known this freezing weather was coming...... sure seems appropriate now!! lol
    Hope you are not freezing up there in Virginia.
    Try and stay warm!
    Blessings, Nellie

  39. Absolutely darling Martha! Your sweet table brought a big smile to my face ~ so many CUTE accessories. I love it! xo ~m

  40. Hi Martha,
    Your table is so cute, love those snowmen plates! The story to go along with your tablescape is so sweet, you must be a very special Nana.

  41. Martha, The snowman theme is so cute. I love snowmen and snow. I never even got my snowman plates out this winter. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come visit again. Blessings, Deanie

  42. This is so adorable! What a lovely table!!!

  43. What a clever winter theme. I love the "runner" you stitched.