Monday, January 11, 2010

A Winter Walk

Thursdays are such a happy day for me -- I love Tablescape Thursdays over at "Between Naps On The Porch" that Susan so graciously hosts for us week after week. Today, I'm calling my TT "A Winter Walk" -- I love green and white together and in the winter months, it reminds me of snowy evergreen's go for a walk today.

Welcome to my winter table filled with evergreen and snow white.

The centerpiece contains snowy trees, buffalo snow, snow bunnies and a shabby tea light holder.

This little light holder was a Goodwill treasure found last winter. I believe it was a dollar. It's sitting on a small footed plate -- I don't know what it was intended for -- it's an antique, from my grandmother -- I use it often to elevate small things on my table -- anybody know what is is supposed to be? Whatever it is...I love it and use it often. I found a similar footed glass do dad recently that is slightly more bowl like.

Here we have a little bunny by the garden watering can. Poor little thing looks a little cold doesn't he? He is a Hallmark ornament purchased years ago. I didn't get a good picture, but there's also a little bird on the spout of the watering can.

On the other side we find some snow bunnies nestled inside a hollow log (also an old Hallmark ornament).

I love the edge of this oblong pewter platter I purchased from eBay -- don't think I paid more than $10 for it.

Have a seat... I think a bowl of hot soup would be wonderful after a winter's walk...just the thing to warm us up a bit.

Let's uncover the layers of dishes. The bowl is from the Gibson white dishes many of us have from Big Lots.

Next we have a small glass plate I purchased from a local thrift store last summer -- I think they look sort of like snowflakes. I can't remember what I paid for them, but I have six.

And lastly, we have the white Gibson dinner plate.

Antique cut glass goblets -- their shape looks like an inverted evergreen tree to me. The glasses came from my husband's grandmother, the crystal coasters were purchased about 5 years ago from Tuesday Morning - 4 for $7 -- I picked up two sets.

My antique silver came from my Mother In Law's family and the antique napkins were purchased from a local antique store last summer. Napkin rings came from e-bay about a year ago -- I paid @ $5 for 12. My dark green tablecloth is at least 20 years old. I bought two very inexpensive ones for Thanksgiving, I believe I got them at Walmart or K-mart. Having younger children and expecting spills, I figured they wouldn't last long and I didn't want to have paid a dear price for them. Well - here we are 20+ years later and they're both going strong!

A treetop view of our winter table.

The centerpiece from above.

The afternoon sun shines on the table.

As evening falls the tealights are lit.

Perhaps our little shivering bunny will warm up by the lantern. It doesn't really photograph well - but the light looks really pretty shining through all the little glass "beads" of the tea light holder.

Loved the little starburst glow from this crystal votive holder.

I've certainly gotten my 99 cents worth out of the mercury glass votive holders I purchased from Target right before Christmas -- they have such a lovely glow -- I hope you were able to grab a few too!

Our winter table by candleglow.

I'm so glad that you've joined me at the table and I hope you'll visit again soon. For more tablesettings and dish delights, be sure to visit "Between Naps On The Porch"

I might not post quite as frequently for awhile -- My husband's father is being sent home from the hospital this week and there is nothing more that can be done for him medically. He's losing his battle with Parkinson's and they are predicting that he won't be with us much longer. We would certainly appreciate any prayers for a peaceful end for this dear man who's been our strength for years. We will miss him terribly but will rejoice when he is no longer encumbered with a failing body and will join my Mother-In-Law in the life everlasting.

See ya soon.


  1. What a pretty Winter tablescape! The pewter tray is perfect to use for all sorts of creations on the table. Love it! Everything is beautiful!

  2. How very beautiful. I Just love it!

  3. I love the table, the pretty napkins, the centerpiece, it all looks so wintery and sparkly! Cindy

  4. Oh I love it. So pretty. YOur winter scene for the centerpiece is just perfect. Love the little lantern. Everything by candlelight is just stunning. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  5. So lovely Martha and I would call this tablescape my ancestry tablescape. It has
    so many memories of others in your family and your husbands family. I really love this one.
    Dads ok and I am on a kick to get healthy this year! Cold here at 32 degrees it has been below freezing since Dec.

  6. Hi Martha,
    So pretty! I loved this wintertime walk with you. I enjoyed seeing all your great, vintage pieces. The pewter tray perfect for displaying your charming vignette. Loved the shots from overhead, and your candlelit pics were amazing!

    Nicely done!


  7. Martha-I am sorry about your FIL, I will keep you all in my prayers.

    Your table is beautiful...I love all your little trees. The white just "pops" with that green. Very pretty.

    Take care,


  8. Beautiful white scape today! It's just all so simple and pure.

  9. Very classy, Martha, just as I would expect from you...So sorry to hear about your DFIL. Life is very hard sometimes; HUGS.

  10. Martha-This is just beautiful! I love all your family heirloom pieces--especially the goblets. You need to warm that poor little bunny up :)

  11. Very, very beautiful! I love the white with the dark green; very classy and eye-catching. I love vintage flatware and linens; yours are just beautiful and you've put together a lovely table!

  12. Such a pretty table Martha! Love all the details and I love that your goblets are inverted evergreen tree shaped! :D Jewel

  13. I am praying for you and your family.
    Your table is lovely with all the trees and the whites. Beautiful!

  14. Will be praying for your family in the days ahead as you go on that "winter walk" together. Blessings.

  15. What a beautiful table! The white with the dark green looks very elegant.

  16. I mentioned you in my Blog today.
    Come by to visit!

  17. Sweet friend, I am praying for your family!
    What a winter wonderland tablescape! So pretty!
    LOVE the glasses!

  18. How divine! I do believe this is one of my favorites from you so far! I love it!!! The glass are so unique as is the silverware. I can't decide if I like it in the drk or light better. Just beautiful Martha!

  19. Very pretty table!

    I hope that you father in law's final days will be peaceful. I'm sorry that your family is having to go through this.

  20. Martha, I am so terribly sorry about your f-i-l, and I will certainly have all of you in my prayers.
    Your table is so pretty. I'm loving that centerpiece. Looks like a winter wonderland. Those glass plates do look like snowflakes - what a find. That stemware is gorgeous and how wonderful that it is a family heirloom. How beautiful that candlelit photo looked. laurie

  21. I love your white on green, just so sharp looking. The centerpiece is so perfect for the table. Thanks for sharing you lovely table.

  22. What a pretty winter table! When you light the candles, you've truly created a winter wonderland. I love how the light radiates from that votive!

  23. Prayers for your fil, and your whole family..A very difficult time..

    Your table is crisp!

  24. Hugs & prayers for your whole family, Martha as you walk these last days with your husband's father. My Mom always used to say if we can't pray for them to get better, then lets pray for a peaceful passing.

    Your winter table is lovely & we have many of the same items. :D It all reminds me a very special ski run I used to enjoy in Ellicottville NY at Holiday Valley. The run was called "Mistletoe" & it went through an entire line of beautiful pines on both sides for the longest time. So serene!

  25. I love white china. It's so versatile. Your napkins and glasses are so beautiful, but I have to say the bunnies in the log did it for me. Love them!
    Peace and prayers for your father-in-law. xx

  26. Love your white tablescape! I especially like the tray!

  27. Hi Martha, I am still catching up on looking at the tablescapes, a few a day and I sometimes get through them in a weeks time.
    Thanks ever so much for your nice comments.
    Oooo loving this green and white, great idea, good for winter and so cute with bunnies etc.
    The centerpiece is great. I like using trays etc. to put the centerpieces on or elevate them etc. Nice job!
    And you live in same town as a good dolly collecting friend of mine, Jhill and Tom Perran.
    Is it cold back there now? She was showing me photos of all the snow you all are getting this year, wow!
    Hugs, Linda Q

  28. My wife would love to see this. She loves winter wonderland settings like that! In fact, she uses her mini collection of recycled glass goblets every year for our Christmas Eve dinner. It's creative of you to have used a green tablecloth, Martha. I can't wait to suggest that for this year's Christmas dinner setup. Thanks!